This kid has it all figured out

This kid has it all figured out

This is a discussion on This kid has it all figured out within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Normally I dont post these kinds of things, but this just made my night. This little girl as it all figured out at three years ...

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Thread: This kid has it all figured out

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    This kid has it all figured out

    Normally I dont post these kinds of things, but this just made my night. This little girl as it all figured out at three years old.

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    Now that's funny!

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    It's funny but more importantly she actually gets it, if they are coming in to do harm to me then I will do harm to them.

    Bright kid, she's been listening and learning.

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    The boys better watch out when she makes dating age! This one knows the score.......
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    I was sent that vid today - and was totally ''tickled''.

    Charming and funny .... if just a tad ''naughty'' for one so young
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    Isn't she a darlin...
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    I shudder to think about what will come out of the mouths of any children that I may someday have...(e.g. "I'm gonna rip his throat out daddy" )
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    that was terrific

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    Love the video. Wanted to chide the mom though.

    My mom taught me never to say the word "butt." She thought it was vulgar -- if not a 'naughty' word, at least not one that a small child should be using.

    I grew up and eventually had a kid about the same size as the kid in the video. Kid said something to me about his butt. I corrected him, "Don't say butt. Say bottom."

    Kid looked at me, eyes wide, and replied in puzzlement, "I don't gots a butt?"

    Guess I'm still kinda old fashioned at heart.

    Kathy Jackson
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    That will be my

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    Cute, smart, and honest...

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