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See Any Good Movies Recently?

This is a discussion on See Any Good Movies Recently? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just finished watching The Departed..... and sorry but it gets a "Blah." Only saving grace was Jack being Jack. Mark Wahlberg's short acting was superb.............and ...

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Thread: See Any Good Movies Recently?

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    Just finished watching The Departed..... and sorry but it gets a "Blah."
    Only saving grace was Jack being Jack. Mark Wahlberg's short acting was superb.............and you know he was gonna be the Put-Things-Right guy. De Caprio had a strong first hour and then collapses. Matt Damon looked to stupid to be crooked. Alec Baldwing sucked as usual reprising his bad guy character for the last 100 movies he's made.
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    Bought Children of Men. It is the most intense and dark movie I have watched in years. It makes you think!

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    Another good movie from last year was Thank You for Smoking...the previews made me think it was going to be a back-hand swipe at corporations, but it turned out to be a left hook to the jaws of nanny-state do-gooders...
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    Saw 300 last night....GREAT movie. Definitely portrays the weakness of policitians and their desire to save theirown a$$. It also highlights the selflessness of Warriors who live and die to defend their homeland against a foreign enemy who wants to enslave them.

    Definitely on my list of movies to get on DVD

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    We need a good writer to pen "Concealed Carry." It could portray three friends, each of whom is touched by the State's various ways spent disarming citizens and ultimately increasing the impact of crime. It could have Lott and others working as technical consultants, to get the background and facts straight. Anyone know a production company up for a challenge?

    Penn & Teller should have a regular segment on their ********! series entitled: "Liars, Cheaters & Thieves." Oh, wait! The whole series is that, essentially. Good on ya, P&T.
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    I just remembered another one I really liked; an older movie is "With Honors". Joe Pesci does a good job and it's a good story.

    Some of the good ones not listed earlier are "Saving Private Ryan" (yes, I liked it) and the HBO series "Band of Brothers".
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    I watched An Officer and A Gentleman again the other night. I love that movie. I even forget it's Richard Gere in it.
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