Well, I guess that I'm a (Bird_ Hero today.

Well, I guess that I'm a (Bird_ Hero today.

This is a discussion on Well, I guess that I'm a (Bird_ Hero today. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My wife bought an African Sun Conure last October. The bird was quite young, born on 6/06/ 06. She really loves the bird, each night ...

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Thread: Well, I guess that I'm a (Bird_ Hero today.

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    Well, I guess that I'm a (Bird_ Hero today.

    My wife bought an African Sun Conure last October. The bird was quite young, born on 6/06/ 06. She really loves the bird, each night the bird is on her shoulder. She will drink Hawaiian Punch, which Tweeter loves. She'll take a sip, turn, and Tweeter will sip it from her, like a baby bird will do. Well, today. my wife was cleaning the cage. It's a big cage, costing around $400-$500. She hosed it down outside. unfortunately hosing Tweeter. I helped her move the cage back in, and she took Tweeter out. She said, " Graham, I think that she's dead." I went over to the counter, and Tweeter was laying on her back, legs up, eves closed. I rubbed her chest, and she moved her legs. I told my wife that she needed to go to the pet hospital immediately. We got the house closed up. and put Tweeter in a travel box. Since she knew where to go, she drove her van. It was a long trip. around 45 minutes. I picked up Tweeter, to stimulate her some more, and I realized that she was soaking wet. She must be experiencing hypothermia. I told her to turn on the heater full blast. I then took Tweeter out of the box. and held her in front of the heater, helping her dry. I didn't hold her under the heater too long, just a little while to help her dry. As she did dry, she started to wake up, tweet, not up to her name, but vocalizing, She climbed a bit on my shoulder, and by the time we reached the hospital, she was moving, tweeting, etc. The vet was still worried about her, and is keeping her overnight. She's on oxygen, and tomorrow she will be transported to her regular vet. The transport costs $40, and to me is well worth it. Tweeter will be on O2 if she still needs it, and since it will be done around 6 am, and neither of us would normally get up at that hour, though I would have if necessary (The clinic is 24 hours, but closes at 7am on Monday)) It seems that Tweeter has some other problems, but it seems that my recognizing hypothermia and getting her warmed up. I rode an ambulance for 22 years, 16 years as an advanced life support provider, Cardiac EMT, and full Paramedic, and also I've been a practicing Physician Assistant for 18 years. I decided that one medical saying would apply to birds as well- "You're not dead until you're warm and dead!" I've seen in the field resuscitation attempts fail, but once the patient was warmed, he was brought back with the same drugs and defibrillation that failed in the field. It looks like Tweeter will make it. My wife called the hospital to check on her when I started writing, and Tweeter is eating, moving, etc. My wife will hopefully have her pet for a much longer time.
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    Quick action made the difference......Good Job!

    Quote Originally Posted by Squawker View Post
    My wife will hopefully have her pet for a much longer time.
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    Thumbs up

    Glad that you were able to save your pet. Good Job!
    Quick thinking.
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    Birds are very touchy. I have 3, and have had several emergency calls over the years. I'm surprised that a quick dousing did any harm... All of mine enjoy taking a shower, but I make sure the water is warm. They are very temperature sensitive, but a quick spray isn't normally a problem, unless it's real cold water, or the air is chilly.

    I hope 'tweeter' makes a full recovery :)
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