Do-It-Yourself thread?

Do-It-Yourself thread?

This is a discussion on Do-It-Yourself thread? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; From what I have seen & read in CC.Com, we have a fair number of individuals that are pretty good with their hands or at ...

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Thread: Do-It-Yourself thread?

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    Do-It-Yourself thread?

    From what I have seen & read in CC.Com, we have a fair number of individuals that are pretty good with their hands or at least have some nice ideas on how to do things. I was thinking about starting a thread where you can share gun-related builds such as home-made reloading benches, cases, range boxes, etc. Or somebody wants to build something but can't quite figure out how to, people can share ideas and reccomendations.
    Just an idea for your consideration.
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    Sounds good to me.
    With as many talented people as there are on this forum, one could always learn something...
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    great idea!

    I'd contribute a bare bones holster write up for Gary and the rest to knowingly shake their heads at :-)
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    Lol.. well, I can do woodworking and metal working to include brassing and welding, but I haven't put my skills to use on gun tables and such. My last metal working project was a flower cart and my project before that was a tractor made out of nuts, blots, nails, washers and screws (it was really cute).
    For woodworking I made a nativity set.

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