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    Not sure if anyone heard/saw the news about the military putting lawyers in the field in Iraq so they can advice the commanders about legal problems that arise. I.e. illegal shootings, house searches, etc., etc. Who would have ever thought that lawyers would be running a war. They F@%& up our government here in the U.S. and now are going to do the same to our Military Forces. Just think: (“Sir, we need to blow up the shack and kill the insurgents inside. Wait Corporal, let’s talk to our lawyer before we attack. We don’t want to have anyone sue us. Maybe we should talk to them and write a contract so they won’t shoot at us or set up IED’s against us. Our platoon doesn’t want to end up in court”)! Maybe we should start a war and just let the lawyers fight it out. Better yet, let’s just shoot all the lawyers. If I remember, there are no laws in war. We need to get back to that. I work in D.o.D. Have for the last 25 years. this is the last place we need lawyers.

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    The SJA [ wing/div Judge ] has been there long before my time.

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    Guys I am a lawyer and I can't believe it.

    You don't want lawyers running a war. You want soldiers running a war.

    You don't want want soldiers running the judicial system, you know?

    "Motion for what? What's that? Doesn't matter. Blow him up!".

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    The deserts of Iraq seem like a fine place to keep some lawyers.
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    There a story circulating that OBL was on the crosshairs of a Predator drone and a JAG interrupted the attack becuase he was not 100% sure it was OBL.
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    Lawyer's have screwed everything else up. Do we want to give them a shot at screwing up combat? And they will only charge $450 an hour for an opinion that no one needs.
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    I agree with Randy that lawyers have no place in the field making combat decisions. That is simply crazy. But, that sure did precipitate a lot of lawyer bashing. If one of you ever needs to use deadly force and winds up tangling with the judicial system, and a lawyer saves you from losing your freedom, and your family from financial ruin, I suspect that you might feel a bit less unkindly about lawyers.

    Please remember also that it is the lawyers who argue the Second Amendment cases for the NRA, and help protect our rights in state courts.


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    Actually, the SJA are there to ensure the prosecution of a target is IAW the rules of engagement and international law...

    Does it get screwy? yes..sometimes. But when it comes to firing on a mosque that has a sniper or a BG with an RPG, instead of having a commander defending his actions....he has an SJA that validates the attack on the mosque as legal. It's more CYA, for both international law and the press.

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    Next thing you know we'll have referrees in the middle of a battle, too!

    I love lawyers... but I also love lawyer jokes!

    Did you know that if we took all of the licensed attorneys in the United States and lay them end-to-end around the world that 3/5 of them would drown?
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    All I want to know is do they give the lawers guns. Mabe he can get a order of protection against the bad guy.

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    Now you've got my blood up. This is a sore subject that I have been ranting about for quite some time with friends and relatives. This is why we cannot win this war. We have handcuffed our soldiers and then we wonder why we can't win.

    First, the Geneva convention is for those that signed the Geneva convention. All others are fair game and should be shot on sight if they pose any threat to our troops.

    Second, get all the reporters out of any combat zone. Our soldiers do not need some CNN reporter with his nose up their tail while they try to stay alive.

    Third, Rules Of Engagement are, KILL THE ENEMY wherever you find them. Then go back and make sure they are dead.

    Forth, any building the enemy hides in is fair game with the exception of true historical buildings. We did not bomb historical churches during WWll and I see no reason to change that policy, but anything else the enemy claims to be praying in gets leveled. This does not mean we will not enter historical buildings and kill any enemy we find there.

    Fifth, it's a war zone which means we are going to wage war there. We do not ask permission of a lawyer or any politician back in D.C.. If a soldier thinks he is going to be attacked that is good enough for me. We also come to their aid no matter what part of the map they are on. How the Britts left those people to be captured I will never know. There should have been an immediate military response to save them. What kind of message are their actions sending to the rest of their troops? If you are attacked we will not help you but we will ask the UN to send a strongly worded letter of outrage on your behalf. Great!

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    It's sad, but it's typical of the morons we hired to run our show. If you look at the majority of our elected-employees you'll find the majority are...lawyers.

    Shakespeare had it right, in my opinion...first, we kill all the lawyers.

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    Lawyers and combat... another oxymoron. Really, the rules of engagement that the US military has had to deal with for the last 40 years (Vietnam and later) has f*** things up beyond all recognition.

    "If a guy has a grenade, is he a target?"
    "Not till he pulls the pin."
    "So, you want me to wait till he's ready to throw, before I can protect my position?"
    "Yes, but the second the grenade leaves his hand, he's no longer a valid target."
    "What, like he's not going to get another grenade? He's suddenly no longer a threat, because he's... what?"
    "Son, you're being insubordinate."
    (My ROE briefing for Somanlia, early '90's)

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    Lawyers...A Wicked Necessity...

    When you are amidst a lawsuit (from a family member) and the opposing attorney lies and makes threats to demean and insult you...he's an A**H***...

    However, when you are at the end of a lawsuit (from a family member) and the opposing attorney is crying because your attorney was MORE of an A**H***, and was able to have you prevail in ALL, then he's a pretty good's all in your prespective...

    Special Note: Story does not particularly name anyone, and any likeness to family members (except for my one *******sister) is strictly coincidental...

    Keep your friends close...keep your enemies closer...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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