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    Quote Originally Posted by jahwarrior72 View Post
    pit bulls are great alarm dogs, but are not so good attack dogs. at least mine were, they liked people too much. chihuahuas make better attack dogs.
    Isn't that the truth, though. All the dogs I've ever known or owned that were over 30 lb were worthless as far as barking and being threatening to intruders. My 12 lb (Yes, I know, that's HUGE for a Chihuahua) Chihuahua is the most vicious sounding dog I've ever run into. If someone knocks on the door, or a car pulls up, she's growling, foaming, baring teeth, and barking her little head off - without fail. I've seen her chase a 70lb pit mix (brother in law's dog) that just fled in terror. She was literally nipping at his haunches the entire time. The first time I met my wife (and the chi) I almost got my hand taken off. It's better now, she doesn't try to bite me now unless I'm trimming her nails. This is the same dog that acts as a body pillow for my wife, sharing a bed with us (and biting me in the butt when I try to roll over and she feels squishable). Just because she's mean doesn't mean she's not lovable.

    Oh yeah, that brings up another thing - if you get a dog to protect your home, as far as I'm concerned, don't bother getting a boy. They tend to mellow out and get chased around by chihuahuas.

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    I agree. Our Border Collie barks, and very loudly, at the slightest sound outside around our house. We also have an alarm, but the truth is that by the time the alarm company calls your local police and they arrive at your house, the BG's are likely to be long gone. BGs are inclinded to choose a house which they perceive to be least protected.

    Get a Dog!

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    Dogs are by far the best early warning system available. I have two, an Australian Sheppard (see my avitar) and a Border Collie. Both will alert at the slightest noise outside.

    They are both good with people, which is what I want. I don't need a dog biting someone. Just want them to alert me to the presence of the person. Then I'll let Mr.'s Sig, Glock, and Springfield address the situation.

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    Our 20 lb. mutt just did an excellent job alerting us to other hikers passing through in the middle of the night while we were camping.
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