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Thread: Camping pictures

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    Camping pictures

    We took our new dog Tanner hiking with us this past weekend. The hike to campsite was around 6 miles, and we stopped every few miles to give Tanner water and check up on her feet and overall condition. The voyage didn't bother her at all. She's got a lot of energy for a 20 pound dog. And she loved the woods. I attached her to my pack with a 5 foot leash.

    Because of Will's back problems and me squishing my knee moving furniture, we didn't hike at all last year. I now have a set of Komperdell ultralight hiking sticks to take the pressure off my knees, and Will's back is much better.

    We pitched tent by the lake. The tent is an REI Half Dome 2 (2 person):

    We have portable food and water bowls for Tanner:

    The water looks milky white because it's filtered and treated from the lake. I have a 2 liter Camelbak and Will has a 3 liter, but we still needed more water. So we used our Katadyn Hiker water filter:

    In the picture, Will's pumping into my collapsible water bottle. We also have iodine tablets and the tablets that remove the iodine taste. I added some tea flavoring from one of our MREs:

    I rebuilt the fire pit:

    We gathered wood and used our camp knives to chop wood. We could have brought hatchets, but we decided that the knives were more versatile as utility tools and defensive weapons. On the left is Will's BKT Combat Utility 7, and on the right is my Ka-Bar Camp Knife:

    Man makes fire:

    Tanner started digging and even used her muzzle to push away dirt. She made herself a soft dirt bed:

    She did sleep with us in the tent, however, and let us know whenever she heard another hiker pass through. For a small dog, she's got a big growl.

    I don't like the water, dad!

    The hard life of a dog:

    To let your MRE heat up, lean it up against a rock or something:

    My Petzl Tikka Plus lit the way for midnight potty runs:

    Overall, we had a great trip. We're worn out and sore, but Tanner is unfazed. I flopped down on the bed exhausted, but she grabbed one of her rope toys, jumped onto the bed, adn started flailing her toy around.
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    God I love hiking! Thanks for the pics, Betty!!
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    Great post , thanks for the pics , and btw Tanner says , can we go again , can we , can we NOW , please LOL .
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    Reminds me that I really need to get out more.

    Thanks for the great pics.

    Now I'm off to find a "rock or something".
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    I love taking our dogs camping. We have a new one this year that has never been with us before so it should be fun. By the way, my definition of camping comes with a bathroom with shower, DVD player and surround sound. I'm old, you're not.

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    Great Being Out In The Woods...

    I love camping, and my wife is willing to tolerate it for a few days at a time.

    Hey B...nice fire many months are you staying at that spot?

    Thanks for the pics...

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    Excellent pics Betty - thx.

    I have a ''thing'' about camping by water - it has a certain magic. Looks like an idyllic break for you guys.
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    Looks like a cool trip, was that in TN?
    It's always nice to see a face behind the posts too.

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    Great pics, Betty. But don't believe Tanner when she says, "I don't like the water, dad!" She just wants to be picked up. Give her a chance and she'll demonstrate that she likes water a lot.

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    Looks like you had a great time. I'll be heading off this Wednesday for a 5 day camping trip using all 18th Century equipment at Fort Frederick MD.

    I look at your tent, which practically sets itself up with much envy!

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    Looks like a really nice place to spend some time. Good pics.
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    Hey B...nice fire many months are you staying at that spot?
    One night, actually.

    It's a camping spot frequently used by other campers and always has a firepit, and it looked like somebody kicked the rocks all over the place for fun. So I had to rebuild it. Some people have no respect and trash the area. They left garbage, too. Somebody did, however, spend the time making the handy seat I'm sitting on in the picture.

    I had the spaghetti MRE. Will had the veggie burger one and he would like to add: DO NOT EAT THE VEGGIE BURGER MRE, YOU WILL GET A BAD CASE OF THE POOPS. Thank goodness I came prepared with some Immodium.

    I have so much thigh pain today I can hardly make it up and down the stairs. Tanner's been running circles around me.

    That's a great tent. It has a small footprint, but it's big enough for me and Will (he's almost 6 ft tall) with elbow and foot room.
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    Very nice. camping is lots of fun. Guess I will post about my weekend camping. Glad ya had fun and got out.
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    Thanks for taking me away for a few !!
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    nice pics.

    You filter and treat your water? IIRC the filter removes everything that can make you sick. I don't know if the iodine tabs help with giardia (beaver fever) or not. I've never used them.

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