Rhome's leaving...

Rhome's leaving...

This is a discussion on Rhome's leaving... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; As you all know, Rhome is a very close friend, and a so-so holster maker. He called me the other night, and told me he ...

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Thread: Rhome's leaving...

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    Rhome's leaving...

    As you all know, Rhome is a very close friend, and a so-so holster maker. He called me the other night, and told me he is moving to the Philippines! I told him how dumb, stupid, and idiotic he was - for 10 straight minutes. Then he told me he was giving me all of his guns and holsters; I told him I would come help him pack...

    Rhome is going to start a new life, and probably still make holsters (talk about exotic leathers!) He promises to come home two or three times a year, and invites all of us to come visit him. So if you want,say bye to Rhome, or PM him. Homey is one of a kind. He will be missed, until he finds a computer in the Islands!
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    He better keep making holsters, he's on my short list to buy from. I don't have one yet, but planned to order one this summer.

    At the same time I understand his desire to start a new life and that a new environment will help. Just remind him that they have computers and the internet in the Philippines. Another CC member in a foreign country.

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    Hey Rhome...you have made a lot of friends on this forum.
    Me being only one of many of them.
    Believe it or not...we even like you for more than just your great holsters.
    You've been a fantastic forum member.
    Hopefully, you will decide to come back to us from the Philippines once you get an Internet connection.
    You can be far away but, still sort of close through the Internet.
    Do what you have to do my friend.
    Nobody knows exactly what you're going through but you.
    Just know that you'll be missed here until you decide to jump back on and join us again.
    Take Care & Stay Safe.
    It's beautiful in the Philippines.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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    Hey Rhome, you bum! You beat me to the pacific!!! Which part of the Philippines you headed for? Some really nice places over there. Me, personally, have my sights set on some spots south of there.

    Been nice having your input, hope you're back one day. Besides, I haven't got one of your holsters yet, don't stop!
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    C'mon, Rhome! This is the era of international commerce! Get a good laptop and you're an Internet consortium. No reason you can't still be a part of the Combat Carry family, as well as a valued supplier of essential goods.

    All the best to you in starting such an exciting new chapter to your life. By the way, when can we all come visit?
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    Sounds like another great American industry is getting outsourced/offshored, or am I just jealous that I'm not going with?

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    Huh... Interesting choice.
    Congrats to your Rhome, I hate to see a good guy leave but thats great that you are doing what you want to do.
    Good luck to you Sir, and you aint all that far from us.
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    I can but echo every word QK wrote. That says it just fine

    I do hope Rhome does indeed get an internet connection when settled and resume contact with us here.

    I would suggest he tries to contact Horge - a great guy out there who runs a nice site about Bersa's ... http://www.geocities.com/bersa_thunder/ - chances are he could contact him thru that site.

    Rhome - I wish you all the luck you might wish for yourself and please do drop in here before you depart.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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    Best of luck, Rhome. Don't be a stranger!

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    I cant say even if its the same Islands , but if there are any folks where he goes named Manalo then let me know , if so ( and the same family ) the goodwill will expand . Be well Bud , and be safe over there .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    Away - Health Problems
    Be well Rhome Stop by often

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    Fare thee well, Rhome!
    Take care & God bless.
    PLEASE find the internet in your new neck of the islands and visit often..
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    Good luck. Don't be a stranger online.
    eschew obfuscation

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    May the road rise up to meet you and the wind always be at your back.
    Why Ike, whatever do you mean? Maybe poker's just not your game Ike. I know! Let's have a spelling contest!

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