Helped catch a purse snatcher today

Helped catch a purse snatcher today

This is a discussion on Helped catch a purse snatcher today within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Not bragging,just want to remind everyone it can happen even in a small town.My wife and I were eating at a fast food joint ,at ...

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Thread: Helped catch a purse snatcher today

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    Helped catch a purse snatcher today

    Not bragging,just want to remind everyone it can happen even in a small town.My wife and I were eating at a fast food joint ,at noon,I look up and a 20 something white male is running with a purse!I saw him drop the purse,look back, and then take of toward IH-10.I got up and went outside to see a lady picking up the purse.I asked what happened and she shakily told me the man had grabbed her purse when she was loading groceries.I immediately called 911.While I was talking the lady walked toward a large supermarket even though I told her I was on the phone with the police,I think she was a bit shocked by the whole thing.I followed her while my wife and another customer went to at least spot the robber for the police.I caught up with the lady and told her the guy might come back around,so we needed to wait for the police.I applaud the local police officers.It only took about a minute from the time I saw the man and asked the lady what happened and called 911.In less than 5 minutes the officers had the man cuffed a block away and had a female accomplice that was waiting for him in a car.An officer picked up the lady and took her to identify the man.I told the officer I would wait at the cafe for him if he needed a statement.Since he had a K-9 dog in the back seat there was certainly was no room for me.The lady and officer returned to the cafe so the officer could take our statements.The officer also gave the lady a handful of her credit cards he retrieved from the young man's pocket.The officer told me this man was a "regular",so I hope they put him away for a time.Remember,it can happen even in a small town.

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    Great job. Glad you could help PD and nap a BG.
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    Excellent!!!! Good result indeed.

    Let's hope the BG and accomplice get the time coming they deserve.
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    Congratulations sir! Deed well done, nobody got hurt and justice was served.
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    Always love hearing about a dirtbag gettin some new bracelet's.

    Great Job!
    Semper Fi

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    Good pick-me up news for the day. Good Job.
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    Very cool! It drives me nuts how many of these idiots get away. Good job and like the others I hope he gets what's coming to him.

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    Great Job.

    Heck my 85 year old Mom was knocked down onto concrete as her purse was snatched.
    That guy got away with it.
    Purse snatchers. Scum of the earth.
    I hate people who prey on the innocent...especially little kids and the elderly.
    Bring back public hanging.
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