Location for the great CCW Convention found!

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Thread: Location for the great CCW Convention found!

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    Location for the great CCW Convention found!

    I recall a thread not long ago about a CCW Convention and the inability to find a place where all of us could be sitting against the wall and feeling secure.... I think I found it!

    The Great Wall of China!
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    We'd have to get take-out...
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    I think there might be a small amount of paper work on carrying in China.

    I could be wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by miklcolt45 View Post
    We'd have to get take-out...
    I wonder if they have American take out in China....
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    Well… if it were held at an Edun resort you would know instantly who was really proficient at canceled carry. Not that there are many on this form that I would want to see at an Edun resort (my self included).
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    Well you know if we had a wall on the borders here in the US that would be better. Since TX accepts all CCW (and all the other alphabet soup combos) everyone could attend. It would have the added benifit of keeping criminals out of the US.

    Seeing how China likes rounding up Christians I would be a little nervous about being there, although
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