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Camo on your tools?

This is a discussion on Camo on your tools? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by me No thank you. Although I fear my sister will want her side arm duracoated in flourescent Orange. Gosh I hope not ...

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Thread: Camo on your tools?

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    Quote Originally Posted by me View Post
    No thank you. Although I fear my sister will want her side arm duracoated in flourescent Orange. Gosh I hope not
    Actually some of my other tools are regularly painted fluorescent orange. Amongst other skills I picked up along the way I am a mason, stone and brick. I spray all of the handles of the trowels, chisels and hammers with orange layout paint.
    Firstly it prevents any Tom, Dick or Jose from claiming that they are his tools (had to use pink once as orange was already taken on site) and secondly it saves time looking for that $100 carbide chisel in the grass when I put it down (dropped it).
    But I don't want an orange gun, black is less conspicuous for actual use.

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    I don't hunt, so camo on a rifle or shotgun to me is kinda silly. But I DO L-O-V-E my OD Glock 22!

    And as far as wild paint scemes goes, the coolest paint job I ever seen was a Kawasaki Ninja that was painted like Eddie Van Halen's guitar "Frankenstein" 2 Cool!

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    For Me...

    No Camo...just extra ammo...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

    Certified Glock Armorer
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    If you have noticed the keywords in use in lots of ads are camo and tactical. Which I understand, it helps lots of people identify with our people in service, and the things going on after 9-11. Then again it's helped sell a butt load of stuff to mall ninjas.

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    I've lost knives that aren't camo'd - why make it harder to find??

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    It's to appeal to the Mall Ninja types who REALLY BELIEVE that having a cammo'ed gun/knife, assault rifle, WHATEVER, is going to help them save "everyone's lives from evil shop lifters."

    My husband and I have a friend.. he's a good guy and his wife is so patient, bless her heart. HOWEVER, he is the PINNACLE of Mall Ninjas... mostly because he's the real deal, a guy who works at a mall and who thinks he's saving the world.

    Anyway.. the guy SPRAY PAINTED his AR-15 with green, and brown paint to camouflage it.

    My husband literally asked him, "Camouflage it for what?"
    "So it's harder to see!"
    "When you're doing what? Sitting on your roof? Patrolling the mall? Sniping from the second floor of JC Penny's?"

    He had no logical answer.

    While I would condone buying something like the military cammo'ed grips or something on a commemorative model in honor of the military or even a cammo'ed hunting rifle... that's as far as I'll take the "tact-i-cool" cammo'ing.

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