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    Great pic!

    Right time, right place, a moment frozen....
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    Great pic...you have a great eye...

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    Nice pic man...my hangar is right around the corner from where they do the maint. on those helo's. An ex-coworker worked on those for a few years.
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    I hate seeing Birds at sceens. The old saying goes "Good News does NOT travel by helocoptor." I have landed more than my share for as close to 2 trauma centers as I am. I have landed 4, this is way to many.

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    As far as i know, it was "just" a routine transport. Some guy needet treatment that they couldn't give him here in our "small town" hospital, so they flew him to OKC into one of the fancy hospitals. So it wasn't necessary bad news, and i guess that - whatever it was - the person is doing better now. The Police just blocked the road in front of the hospital for the helicopter.


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    nice pic.
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    Double Trouble

    A little construction incident last week. I always try to get a few pics. But your pic looks great. Mine were done with a cell.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Police Pic-crane-accident-courtland-may-7-2007.5.jpg  

    Police Pic-crane-accident-courtland-may-7-2007.2.jpg  

    Police Pic-crane-accident-courtland-may-7-2007.4.jpg  

    Police Pic-crane-accident-courtland-may-7-2007.3.jpg  

    Police Pic-crane-accident-courtland-may-7-2007.6.jpg  

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    Neat Pic. Now it's my wallpaper.
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    That's a fantastic picture.

    A photog friend of mine has a standard reply to the ubiquitous question: "What's the secret to getting a great picture?"

    Invariably the questioner wants some magic formula of film speed/aperture/shutter speed/focal length etc.

    They are always disappointed by his answer: "Being in the right place at the right time."


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    great pic thanks for posting it .
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    Very cool! Tough to take a crisp photo of a moving aircraft at dusk, eh? :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by incredipete View Post
    Very cool! Tough to take a crisp photo of a moving aircraft at dusk, eh? :)
    You can say that again!

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