Tiki good/bad luck charm?

Tiki good/bad luck charm?

This is a discussion on Tiki good/bad luck charm? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I work in the security field. recently, my boss got a tiki figure from another security guy (Chris I think)who went to HI on vacation. ...

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Thread: Tiki good/bad luck charm?

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    Tiki good/bad luck charm?

    I work in the security field. recently, my boss got a tiki figure from another security guy (Chris I think)who went to HI on vacation. My boss kept forgetting the figure in the Chris' office. Chris kept complaining the figure was cursing him, cause ever since he got back from vacation he had not caught anyone.
    My boss came north to my location for a few days. He finally got the tiki , and happened to bring it along. Apparently the tiki is not bad luck for me or my boss because we caught two offenders in short order.
    guess i need to call Chris and tell him the curse has been lifted.
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    Curse for one - is luck for another - it seems

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    I dont know... my good friend Greg Brady will say its bad luck for sure.
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    I believe in Karma not luck so it is a no luck charm as far as I am concerned

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I dont know... my good friend Greg Brady will say its bad luck for sure.
    Just don't go surfing...
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    sorry...don't believe in the tiki / bad luck thing.
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    Tiki good/bad luck charm?
    I once burned a letter from the Brady bunch, captured some of the essence in a capsule and now carry that with my gear on a daily basis. Does that count as a "tiki"? Mojo bag, perhaps. Coincidental that I've had no troubles on the street since having done that? Perhaps ... but I feel much better, and that's a fact.
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