Finally got a flat screen monitor

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Thread: Finally got a flat screen monitor

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    The world really is flat.

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    Good move, Rocky. A couple of years ago I got a 19" flat panel for my young bride's PC. Last year I got one for use with my laptop, at less than half the price. Now they're even lower in cost. Since I now work from home, I really like all the extra space it frees on the desktop.
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    Agreed with all posters on the point about flats being an improvement in a big way over the old dealies (CRT's?).

    I liked the 17" I got for work so much that when my wife ordered a 20" one for the house (and made the tactical error of having it shipped to my office), that the 17" one is now at home.....
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    2 22 inch Viewsonic HD monitors on the main PC..only way to go
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    A few years back if you were doing graphics or were a gamer CRT were the way to go. Now the quality and response time is sooo much better that a LCD can do the things that in years past wasn't possible to do with a LCD. Several years back the LCD were pretty high priced, now they are going for less than the CRT screens were when they started coming out with the larger ones. Even the off brands are good if you compare response and contrast and shop around. The wide sreeen LCD moniter is a plus for me as I watch DVDs and things like that on it. I have a 19'' desktop that stays at my brother's house but the 17'' desktop replacement laptop is always with me. The color, contrast, grayscale, response times and everything about LCDs have improved so much. And thanks to HD tv the price is going down as they are making bigger and better ones.

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