BUG Concept gone wrong

BUG Concept gone wrong

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Thread: BUG Concept gone wrong

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    Talking BUG Concept gone wrong

    There is such thing as too much BUG.
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
    Randy Cain.

    Ego will kill you. Leave it at home.
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    Whats unusual about that? lol! great pic.

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    Question is....which is the "BUG?"

    (I'd like to see what he considers his "recreational vehicle.")
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    Quote Originally Posted by srfl View Post
    Question is....which is the "BUG?"

    (I'd like to see what he considers his "recreational vehicle.")
    Does it make a difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by srfl View Post
    Question is....which is the "BUG?"

    (I'd like to see what he considers his "recreational vehicle.")
    I would say the RPG is his the BUG, since its in a less-ready position. That, and its a single-shot...

    However, the RPG fires a slightly more effective round.

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    That's not a good BUG...it's a Single Shot.

    Hey Muzz - Great minds think alike. You stole my line.

    Oh no wait...you posted first so I guess I stole your line.
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    Hm. Let me see ... I think it comes down to the mission priorities and what the role of the "shooter" is.

    For the Battleship Missouri (aka, "Big Mo"), the primaries were definitely the 16" guns. The BUGs would have to be, then, the ~150 or so anti-aircraft guns. Of course, in '90-91 when ~50 Tomahawks and Harpoons took the primary role, the 16" bad boys became the BUGs. Ironic. Now, those 16" guns would flake the paint off the decks, or so some said. Now, that's a primary weapon.

    With the guy in the photo, when you're on "point" for inbound APCs and the like, your primary's gotta be the RPG and shoulder-fired missile. That automatic rifle dangling in the sling is window dressing during the primary mission. The M16's the BUG.

    For the foot soldier on SAW or M16, the sidearm is the BUG.

    For me, with the CZ P01 9mm as primary, the KelTec P3AT mosquito is the BUG.

    And if caught without your firearm, you're left with a rapid-fire primary and a paltry secondary: your feet (primary) and your finger secondary) ... for doing things like forcing yourself to hurl if being raped, poking the BG's eyes out when the BG gets too close, etc.

    That's the way I see it.
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