Mac Bug Has Hit

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Thread: Mac Bug Has Hit

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    Mac Bug Has Hit

    My old, faithful computer went to heaven last weekend. Actually only the hard drive, but the computer's 6 years old now and I don't want to spend any more money on it.

    So now the big question is do I go Mac or stay PC.

    I'm not a computer guru, but I'm not afraid of em either. I'll do mainly word processing and spreadsheets on it along with some AutoCad work from the office. The computer will basically be used for email and internet browsing.

    The wifey will use it to visit E-bay.

    PLEASE HELP!! It's driving me crazy trying to decide if I want to go Mac or stay PC.

    And then there's the question about desktop vs laptop. Will it never end?

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    I got my first Powerbook recently and am totally converted, once you get over a few idiosyncrasies they are a piece of cake. Very intuitive and ready to go out the box unlike the MS computers I've had that required installs and registrations...
    They cost more, other than that everything about macs is better.

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    I've been a Win /Intel guy for 25+ years; converted to Mac four months ago and love it! I run Parallel on my Mac for the Win only OS stuff. I'd never go back to Windwoes.
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    If you're doing AutoCad (or any graphics) go Mac! It's a better platform all the way around, but it really excels at graphics. More stable, too.

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    I'm typing this message on an upgraded G3 (modified to G4 specs) Firewire 2000, aka "Pismo."

    Mac user/lover since 1997.
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    I am only afraid of changing to try - because I know Windoze pretty well and thru that all my file structure etc ..... and what I can and can't do.

    Sure hear lotta good stuff about mac tho.

    So Macophiles ........ these days - will it run pretty much anything Win can? I have loadsa software for Win - and one in particular I use for image work I do not want to lose.
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    These days, you can run genuine Winblows on your Intel based mac for those occasions when:

    1. You really need a Windows only piece of software, or
    2. You've forgotten what it is like to have your OS crash on you and get nostalgic for the BSoD.

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    909 the time you build a pc to perform (of course depending on what you wanna do) you can have a mac for damn near the same cost, and it will be much better.

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    I've had Macs since the first model came out. You can't go wrong.
    I've had to use a Windows machine at work and HATE IT.
    You'll be so much happier.

    Just bought a MacBook for my step grandson, who's graduating from HS and going to college. He'll love it, I'm sure.

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    This is interesting, I too, have been thinking about a Mac...I believe that there could be one in my future...

    I've about had it with the PC problems...well focused in those TV commercials...

    I've already heard horror stories about the new PC platform...Vista?

    But now the problem...what kind of Mac? many choices!

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post

    But now the problem...what kind of Mac? many choices!

    Not really.. Apple has really simplified their product lineup since Steve Jobs came back.. you essentially have 4 families (plus the Mac Mini, which doesn't fit in the grid anywhere)

    Consumer Laptop (MacBook, formerly iBook)
    Consumer Desktop (iMac)
    Professional Laptop (MacBook Pro)
    Professional Desktop (Mac Pro)

    inside each family, you have 2-3 (or more) stock configurations, and all can be built to order from Apple directly.

    as a general rule.. the 'consumer' machines are not as upgradeable (internally) as their 'professional' brothers.. the iMac for example is a All In One system..the computer is housed inside the can hold significantly less RAM then a Mac Pro (3 Gigs, vs 16 Gigs). However, they also come preloaded with significantly more software then the Pro machines (logic being the "Pros" are going to be using software that is too expensive to bundle anyway).

    All Macs can be upgraded externally via Firewire and USB.

    The mini is generally a good entry level Mac, if you've already got extra USB keyboard, mouse, and a monitor laying around..

    If you happen to live near a Apple Retail store ( go in and play with 'em and talk to the sales people..for the most part the sales guys know what they're talking about.. and, since they aren't commissioned sales folks they aren't likely to try and push you into a more expensive machine then what you need..

    I always buy the best Mac that I can afford when I buy a new one..

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    I have been using Macs since 1984. You can get cheaper PCs but in the long run I think you pay more.

    I must use Windows in my job, and have had many more problems over the years than I have had with Macs. My father is not a tech kind of guy, and if he had PCs it would have been a very bad thing.

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    Chalk another point up for the Mac.

    I started regularly using a Mac three years ago at work after three years of hell on a POS Dell that gave me nothing but grief.

    I was incredibly impressed with its performance and stability and ease of use. I was converted very quickly.

    I now own a MacBook Pro of my own and even my husband said he would convert were it not for the fact that his company requires PCs for his work.

    I'm never going back to PC. I've had it with their flaws, errors, viruses and everything else that goes wrong with them.

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    I recently faced a similar situation. Back around March 1st my IBM Thinkpad died on me. I had been toying with the idea of a Mac for a while, but was put off by the cost (or what I thought was the cost) of the machines. So I shopped around for a Dell, HP, Gateway, etc laptop that was configured the way I wanted it and soon found that I'd be spending roughly $1,700 for the replacement computer. Then I went and looked at the Apple web site and found that I could get a MacBook with the couple options I wanted for $1,800 so I decided to go for it.

    The Mac does everything I need it to do (eMail, web, photos, music, finances, word processing, spreadsheets, etc) flawlessly. There are three applications that I needed to keep that only run on Windows machines, so I picked up a copy of Parallels and that solved that problem. I am amazed at how simple it is to configure and run.

    When my new Mac arrived, my wife watched over my shoulder as I moved the data over from my PC and got 'settled in.' She too was impressed by the simplicity. Mine had been in the house for only 8 days when she ordered one for herself.

    If you're seriously considering a Mac, I would recommend reading Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual by David Pogue & Adam Goldstein. It will give you a basic overview of the differences between the two systems and help you easily learn how to do all the things you did on your PC (and more) with your Mac.


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