I have been on the Brady bunches email list ever since taking a survay form a link on this forum. As such I send back emails to them along the lines of this one. With a few changes there message is palitable.

What a fantastic idea! It has my whole hearted support, I have been writing my local and state Representatives on this very subject. If the students or teachers at VT had been allowed to be armed then the mass shootings would never have happened. I think for once you are right to support the idea of allowing concealed carry on college campus. I am glad that you and the NRA are seeing eye to eye on something. I had my doubt about you for a long time I am glad that your organization has seen the error of your ways and is now supporting concealed carry on college campuses. Now all you need to realize is that the 1st amendment is not a platform to attack the 2nd amendment and that the 2nd amendment is every bit as valid today as it was 230 years ago.

PS. I cleaned up a few of your typos for you. no need to thank me. I am sure that you are much to busy to proof read the normal garbage you send out.

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What Are YOU Going to Do about Gun Violence?
Arming Students and Teachers Is the Answer
Dear Mark,

Since Virginia Tech, we've been asking "What are you going to do about gun violence?"

The gun lobby's reasonable response has been to arm students and teachers at schools and on college campuses. In fact, gun lobby-backed bills have been introduced in a number of states.

Arming students and teachers is the answer.

Find out two critical reasons why it’s makes sense to have a "no holds barred" policy on guns on campuses and schools.


Sarah Brady, Chair

P.S. Also on our website, view a map highlighting states that have introduced dangerous bills to keep guns off campus.

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Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
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