Police Blotters?

Police Blotters?

This is a discussion on Police Blotters? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Some of you may find this strange. But I enjoy reading Police Blotters. I grew up in Baltimore Maryland, I mostly read that cities the ...

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Thread: Police Blotters?

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    Question Police Blotters?

    Some of you may find this strange. But I enjoy reading Police Blotters.
    I grew up in Baltimore Maryland, I mostly read that cities the most.
    I don't read the one my town has much because what the consider "high crime" is a shed being broken into or a bicycle stolen. Its pretty boring.

    It seems on average that have 3-5 shootings a day in Baltimore. Its a pretty violent place.

    Now, I dont enjoy reading about horrible things that happen to people. But as a person who is interested in tactical situations and self defense you can learn a lot about what happens in random shootings.

    For instance what kind of terrain, how much cover is around. Things like that.
    I know that most of these shooting are drug related, but not all of them are.

    Anyone else read the Police Blotters?
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    Written a few, never read any for fun.
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    Only when I'm on duty. Otherwise it's just too depressing.
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    Our police blotter usually has a couple of DUI's and some possession o for drugs, we don't have the shootings like a lot of other places, Wyoming as a whole does not get that many murders. Heck a stolen car here is a big deal, a lot of people still leave their keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked.

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    When I was in Cambodia I used to enjoy reading the Police blotter page in the Phnom Penh English weekly, it was the highlight of the paper.
    The best one I remember was something along these lines.

    Police thanked the homeowner at XXX Monivong Blvd last week when he interrupted a thief who was attempting to steal one of his chickens. The homeowner shot the thief in the back as he was climbing over the wall trying to escape, the homeowner then left the body in the street and called Police. He was thanked for ridding Phnom Penh of another unsavory character and saving the Police from having to process him through the judicial system.

    I'm not kidding, there were a few like this while I was there in '99, guy gets shot, Police thank shooter for the instant justice.

    The rest were depressing child abuse cases and domestic assaults.

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    I write enough depressing reports and take way too many disgusting photos - but yeah, I still read about other agency's garbage.

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    I read ours occasionally to see what and where the trends are.
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    No, I see them before they go to print.
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    Daily Blotter?...same garbage, different day...I like the Cambodian police approach though...as it should be!

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