The color black incites violence

The color black incites violence

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Thread: The color black incites violence

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    The color black incites violence

    Now we know the answer,

    Wal-Mart "realistic" toy guns trigger raid Fri Jun 1, 10:32 AM ET

    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Chinese quality watchdogs have seized 46 toy guns from a Wal-Mart store in Shanghai because they looked "too realistic," state media reported on Thursday.


    Five types of toy guns, including pistols and a machinegun, seized from the U.S. retailing giant's outlet in Pudong district, violated color standards, the Shanghai Daily said, citing the local bureau of quality and technical supervision.

    "All of the guns are black or metallic, which is against a law that states at least half of toy guns should be bright colors such as red or green to differentiate them from real weapons," the paper quoted an unnamed quality official as saying.

    "The toy guns sold in Wal-Mart are too real, and such toys can be harmful to children by easily inducing them to violence," the official said.

    The bureau would inspect samples of the seized guns again, the paper said, adding that if they were confirmed to have broken regulations, Wal-Mart could face a fine equal to three times their sale value.

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    Guess we should ban cans of paint as well now.
    ~Mike F.
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    Heck, when I was a child I had REAL guns (BB gun at 6, .22 @ 9yrs old) I had a lot of toy guns too from the time I could walk. They never "induced" any violence, so I guess all of mine were defective.
    When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow. Semper Fi.

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    Ok so we now know where the Brady bunch is getting their philosophy from.
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    Ok so we now know where the Brady bunch is getting their philosophy from.

    No surpise there....
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    They look too real. OK, IIRC, we had a thread here not too long ago about criminals painting their guns bright colors to give them a slight edge when dealing with LEOs. Not too hard to accomplish.

    Whatever. The communists must be right, look at how well their societies have flourished <smirk>. I see the Brady connection, though. It truly is about people control, not gun or crime control.
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    I'm 52 and it will still be a cold day in hell before they get my Roy Rogers cap-guns away from me!
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