For several years, I have used Skymiles shopping to buy a variety of products. I was looking through the merchant list, and found that Cabella's is now available. Not sure how long, but this was the first time that I've seen them listed. While I haven't flown on Delta for a few years (Southwest has been cheaper), I would use the Skymiles shopping to build up mileage. I'm now over 50000 Skymiles, good enough for 2 tickets in coach, or 1 first class ticket. Now, I only earned less than 10000 miles through flights. And, all you have to do to keep the miles current is to make a Skymiles Shopping purchase every year or so. Many merchants give multiple miles per dollar spent. I use FTD to send flowers, and frequently get double or triple miles. Cabella's is giving 2 miles per dollar spent. Now, you have to order on line, but it's a great deal. Getting Skymiles for purchases that I would make anyway is great. Some, like Best Buy or Circuit City, only give 1 mile per 2 dollars spent, but once again, you still are getting extra from a purchase you're going to make anyway. There are a lot of participating merchants. If you're a Delta Skymiles member, be sure to check it out at