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Flag disrespect by child, mother arrested.

This is a discussion on Flag disrespect by child, mother arrested. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The soldier was a firefighter before he was sent over, right? Maybe the local fire department should have helped the police. They could have gotten ...

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Thread: Flag disrespect by child, mother arrested.

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    The soldier was a firefighter before he was sent over, right? Maybe the local fire department should have helped the police. They could have gotten a truck to hook up to a hydrant , charge a line and shown the protesters just how wet they are or would be. Europe uses water cannons, why can't we use fire hoses?

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    +1 to all the responses so far. i definitely feel the same personally. however, i believe everyone has freedom as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else (contained and physically). ...which does include (gulp!) the desecration of our flag. you can't limit freedoms like that or you become contradictory to what it means and that starts a vicious circle of catch 22's. i believe, that if she feels so strongly about our statures (and i'm not a fan of what is in current events right now either) that she should be given an all expense paid, one way ticket, to the country of her choice... say ...Russia, maybe China? ...how about anywhere in the middle-east where women are so highly praised. ...let's see how well that goes over. ...hm.
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    I don't get it...
    ..those boys died protecting our liberties.

    Although I was a young pup when Vietnam ended, I heard the horror stories about how (some) returning Vets were treated coming back home.

    How much worse is THIS monstrocity!!

    Rest in Peace, boys, I salute you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    I also don't like the idea of someone using the flag as a symbol of his/her anger about a problem. But, ask yourself about a government's tolerance for the core, underlying concept of liberty. Think about just what that means.

    A relatively recent film said it best. From "The American President," in which the President (played by Michael Douglas) replies to questions about freedom in a press conference:

    In a country where assembly, speech and protest are cherished liberties, what happens to those liberties if, one by one, they're chipped away and each criminalized in turn ... just on the fringes, to start, but all-encompassing criminalization as the end-game? At some point, governmental slippery slopes being what they are, in the USA, there will be no such liberty. It's happening.

    Stomping on a flag is merely a uniquely visceral example of the problem of intolerance by a government. Take that to the logical extreme, and you get the traditional totalitarian dictator's approach: disappearing. The leap across that chasm isn't as wide as some think, should intolerance reach beyond the real, beyond the symbolic. At that point, kiss all freedoms goodbye.
    I must vehemently disagree. Burning the flag is one of the most despicable, anti-American acts that anyone can commit. It is abhorent to see the enemy in the ME chanting, 'Death to America' and burning our treasured symbol of freedom and liberty. It is far worse to see an American citizen desecrating the flag. Men and women thoughout our history have given their lives to defend the flag and the nation it represents. Burning the flag is spitting on their sacrifice.

    And no, desecrating the flag is not free speech. It is a liberal interpretation that an act is equivalent to speech. It is not. You can speak to your heart's content against government policies. You can even demonstrate against government policies as that is protected by the Constitution. But you should never be able to desecrate the flag.

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    The flag should not even touch the ground.

    I swore allegiance to that flag, not because I was born here and felt obliged to, but because I denounced my Monarch and became a citizen... those who burn their own flag have never valued what it means to become an American, and be an American.

    They think they have, but they have no idea.

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    I swore allegiance to that flag, not because I was born here and felt obliged to, but because I denounced my Monarch and became a citizen... those who burn their own flag have never valued what it means to become an American, and be an American.
    Amen fellow ex Pat - amen
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    I love those bikers that counter these scum. I stood honor guard during the Korean War. I believe we might have stopped the demos with some vertical buttstrokes and bayonets. We were less inhibited in those days.

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    I like the sound of this organization, I can make the time, and I have a Harley...I'm looking into this...what a great effort!

    Support the troops in thought and deed!

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    I despise those who desecrate our flag and the Westboro Baptist Church makes my blood boil as much as groups like the Klan. Their message is so anti-American as to defy description. There are quite a few videos about them on You-Tube if you care to see more of these sickos.

    I'm not, however, in favor of the laws preventing its desecration. The First Amendment even protects those who are despicable enough to express themselves in such an abhorrent manner. The Patriot Guard takes the right approach in opposing them. When you start stifling freedoms for anyone, even the wackos, you're on the slippery slope. There are plenty of us who will defend the flag against the woeful few who would desecrate it, without mucking about with the Constitution and the essential freedoms it protects.
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    On Thursday, I will attend the funeral of a fellow officer, one who worked for me for over a year, and an incredible guy. He was killed in Afghanistan by an IED on June 1st. SSG Browning, while attempting to rescue a convoy under attack, was struck by the device while exiting his HMMWV. He served his country in the ANG, and his state in DOC. I will be honored to be at his funeral, and deeply saddened at the loss of such a fine American, father, and fellow sheepdog.
    God help those scum if they show up to "protest", for I certainly will not.
    If total government control equals safety, why are prisons so dangerous?

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    I agree we don't need any more laws, even against burning the flag.

    What we do need is common sense and respect, but they are in short supply and disappearing fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    I would have a ''remedy'' for the 8 year old but these days even that'd be frowned on - the Mom too - probably incites hatred in her spawn too.
    The problem with groups like the Westboro Baptist Church is any form of punishment or retaliation will be viewed as persecution in their eyes. They crave persecution. It will serve to only reinforce their beliefs and elaborate fantasies.

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    The Phelps family are complete scum of the Earth. They are an embarrasment to all Kansans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 0.02 View Post
    It is the Westboro Baptist Church.

    They believe, amongst other things, that their god dislikes homosexuals and that America is pro-homosexuality, thus the US troops who protect America are... (trumpet fanfare)... anti-god.


    Too much kool aid!!

    They protest the funerals of servicemen, mainly for publicity...

    I think they are all related, it's all a bit sick.
    Personally I think they need a big batch of grape Kool-Aid. They are out protesting something almost every weekend in Topeka. They are a blight on the city. They protest anything and everything; the local paper, police, fire department, other churches, plays, concerts etc…they were protesting at all funerals for people that died of AIDS and have oozed into other forms of harassment. They video tape all of their protests so that they can charge or sue anyone that becomes outraged enough to do anything. Phelps-Roper is a lawyer like a number of her siblings and she always seems to be filing suite for something. I keep hoping Poppa Phelps will pass out the Kool-Aid. If you want a stomach turning experience take a look at their web site.
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