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    There have been several threads on who we would consider aiding by using our weapon. Well, there was an incident in North Las Vegas a few days ago, where I wish that I had been there. Some dirtbag mugged a 75 year old woman in a wheelchair. While the news report wasn't specific about what the guy did to her, but she died on the way to the hospital. She made it into a convenience store, and told the clerk what happened. She then lost consciousness, and died in the ambulance. I'm not sure that I would get involved in many situations that didn't involve me or my family, but I would definitely give this guy air conditioning, with 45 caliber holes!

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    My wife was in and out of a wheelchair for years. From experience I will say that if anyone NEEDS extra protection it's those in wheelchairs. They draw predators like garbage draws flies. It was some incidents during those times that tipped the scales for me to get my permit and become more serious about defending my self and family.

    I wish some of the people who are noted trainers would actually address the issue of defense for people in chairs. Think you're hot stuff on the combat course or FOF? Now imagine doing that without the use of your legs from a chair. Very sobering and it takes some thought.

    For those who are physically unable to carry due to disability or age, then yeah, it's truly sheepdog time.
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    I would always decide on a scenario by scenario as to if I would get involved in any event.
    An individual getting attacked in a wheelchair is one situation where I would absolutely get involved.
    A child or Senior Citizen in deadly peril would also warrant some sort of an intervention by me.
    Also a law enforcement officer or paramedic needing assistance.
    You get the general idea.
    I would be quite hesitant about getting involved in any domestic "Break Up To Make Up" situations as I've already had one of those backfire on me.
    Actually, folks in wheelchairs do have some advantage in carrying a large personal defense firearm concealed. That can be worked out so that the chair takes the weight of the firearm.

    Important: I can also see an advantage to folks in wheelchairs carrying a larger size OC spray as they are at a decided disadvantage if confronted by multiple attackers.

    The OC spray could possibly buy them some critical EXIT time and permit more concentration to be focused on the deadliest of the threats. I have a couple of other valid reasons why OC Spray should be part of the wheelchair bound persons defense package but, I won't get into it all right now.

    As far as the type of person that could attack a person confined to a wheelchair.
    They should automatically be considered to be the "baddest of the worst" and sub-human with no human compassion.
    There should be very little hesitation in attempting to stop the threat.
    Any person that could initiate an attack on a wheelchair bound citizen is capable of doing anything.

    Just my opinion on that.
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    I would have to also go situation by situation. If my gut told me to stay out of it beyond a call to the PD I'll do that. But like anything I want more info before I would intervene
    "[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons.
    They are left in full possession of them."

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