USA - If we were to start again what would you change?

USA - If we were to start again what would you change?

This is a discussion on USA - If we were to start again what would you change? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The USA is a great country, that is a given. But we all make comments here from time to time regarding flaws in the system, ...

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    USA - If we were to start again what would you change?

    The USA is a great country, that is a given. But we all make comments here from time to time regarding flaws in the system, problems with government or other elements of society.

    Recent comments here have included Activist Judges, the drug laws and the ability of criminals to litigate against their victims.

    I have a few theories on how we could improve this country, I'm not a radical, my changes involve simple, common sense moves.

    • More responsible people carrying guns in more places.
    • A draft for the under 20s, both sexes, into the Border Patrol Guards. 12 months defending the country, learning about discipline and weaponry, but unlike wars on foreign soil you still get to go home some weekends - hard to see how the kids could protest this draft without contradicting themselves into a hole.

    Before you post in this thread remember that inflammatory posts referring to religion or politics are often deleted and the poster reprimanded. We can discuss this topic without it turning into a hatefest.


    So, have a think and tell us what you would do to help America in the 21st century.

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    I'd make the language of the 2A so iron clad and rock solid that even the stupid anti Libs wouldn't be able to argue that it is anything other than an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT.

    And I would make some really sweeping changes to the "legal" system.

    I really, really like the idea of the mandatory service in the Border Guards 0.02! That is a very good idea.
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    Add penalties for frivilous lawsuits, actaully forget that, just make them illegal.

    Add national CCW in the second ammendment.

    The Boarder Patrol thing is a good idea, however I would almost like to see conscribed service to the actual Militray, but deployments would be voluntary for conscripts.

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    The Border Guard idea came to me based on what the Israelis do, they have conscription for both genders but due to that countries circumstances nobody serves abroad, they just protect the homeland. As we aren't at war with any neighboring countries our kids would be in a different situation to the Israeli kids, less in harms way. This country needs a very strong border patrol and the kids need the life changing experience of serving the country.

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    Re-writte the 2nd ammendment so there is no doubt about it being a individual right to posses any non nuclear/biological/checmical (except pepper spray) weapons of any kind at any level (federal, state, local, etc), unless you are currently in jail/prision/ordered commited to a medical institution. You can carry it/ride it/fly it/ whatever, being in public buildings/property/land/road/ect, either openly or concealed.

    Define a felony as something you go to prision for life to serve in a hard labor camp chipping stones. You'll have one day of the week to go in to the library and read up on any subject related to proving your innocence.

    Define a misdeameanor as something you go to prision for 10 years and you work on hard labor on farming, minning or other hard labor where is easier to secure you than on a quarry. If you escape thats a felony and you go in for life (read felony above). You also get one day a week to go to the library and try prove your inocence.

    Define an administrative fault as something you go to jail for 1 year or you pay 10% of your gross wealth (value of properties, investments, salaries, etc), at your choice. You get the same one day a week deal to clear your name.

    (These three definitions solve the 3 to 5 years, out for good conduct, probatory, parole or whatever combinations that are trully BS).

    State that murders, homicides, rapes and arson are felonies.

    Make it clear that once you serve your sentence you start out with a clean slate. Conviction records will be a private matter available only to you, no one else, and just with the purpose to serve as evidence that you served a term of whatever in case your inocence is latter proved (so you can get reimbursed for being deprived of your liberty). This will solve the problem of needing to do background check on anyone (either you are in jail/prision or you are free as any other person).

    Re-arrange the distribution of representantives to, say 1 for every 10,000 citizens and get rid of the senators. The reps will receive a salary equal to the minimum wage/poverty standard for 40hrs a week, one non luxury goverment vehicle, unlimited gas card for the vehicle and no body guards (they can carry their own weapons to protect themselves).

    Make the borders a 5 mile DMZ - if you are there, you are open game for snipers, either an armed civilian citizen, LE or military.

    That would be a good start.

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    No elected representative may have a NET WORTH of 5% greater than his constituents and no more that 15% greater than the national average. This will prevent the rich from getting elected to represent Joe Average. Also you must ACTUALLY LIVE in the district you are representing...not just own property and pay taxes there.
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    Require military service for all high school legs?, then work for a health organization helping others with no legs, etc...but everyone serves.

    After completing your military obligtation, you would be required to own a may keep it at home...

    Our lawmakers would earn a good living, just like other hard working Americans who work for someone else...same Social Security benefits, and all laws they make also apply to themselves. The job would be part-time, just like some other state governments...they work just fine. One six-year term for all, therefore, no need to seek favors for re-election.

    Prisons would become places that hard-core individuals would still fear...your family provides your food...or you don't eat...good luck!
    Rules and discipline would replace comfort and law-suits. Prison guards caught intervening for payoffs would earn life sentences themselves.

    No time off for good behavior, as it is not good behavior that got you there in the first place. You didn't show good behavior before entering, why would you change?

    Those that prey upon the weaker part of society: women, children, and the elderly...murder for money...rape, etc...should be bound and fed to the gators, God knows our gators in the Everglades could use some proper feeding.

    I better stop for now, for I fear I could become really conservative.

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    Education! Get rid of the new math BS, heavy on basic & advanced math (Algebra, etc.) History taught as it should be and not as a collection of dates and faded people. Reading and writting IN ENGLISH. Also kids should take both casses in fine arts and trades. You don't have to be good at either but you should appreciate everybody else's work and the sweat that goes behind it.
    Civics, Civics, Civics. Know the Constitution, recite the Bill of Rights. Extra credit for volunteer work ? Maybe but I would rather have it taught that it comes from the heart and not because you will gain something tangible.
    I disagree on Manadtory services in anything. may it be armed forces or Border Security or picking up trash.
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    It would be a lot easier solving the country's problems if I were king. Yup, thats my suggestion, make me king.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig P239 View Post
    I'd make the language of the 2A so iron clad and rock solid that even the stupid anti Libs wouldn't be able to argue that it is anything other than an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT.
    Why just the 2A, straighten out the whole thing, granted if if wasn't vague about a million lawyers would starve to death, but.........

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    Yeah, mandatory 2 year service as a Rifleman in the Army too. You must enlist the day you graduate from high school. You could volunteer for other services in whatever jobs they have open, as long as you enlist for that option before you graduate from high school (let graduation day roll around and you aren't sworn-in on another MOS that ain't 11B - you are going to be a leg baby!).

    Officers in the military would come up from the ranks, enoughf of that Academy/ROTC commisioning crap. Leave the Academy/ROTC for candidates who have completed their 2 years obligated service first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cagueits View Post
    Officers in the military would come up from the ranks, enoughf of that Academy/ROTC commisioning crap. Leave the Academy/ROTC for candidates who have completed their 2 years obligated service first.
    Interesting thought, but my experience has been that prior enlisted folks either make the best officers or the worst ones--there's no in-between. It's not an automatic guarantee of anything. As an aside, the AF seems to dislike prior-enlisted folks, right or wrong, for whatever reason.

    Back to the original topic, I also disagree on mandatory anything. Giving the state that kind of power runs counter to what most of the founding fathers stood for.

    I would take welfare away from the illegals.

    EVERYBODY would have to live under the same law. No special retirement/drunk-driving freebies for Congress-critters.

    Term limits. You serve one term and it's somebody else's turn.

    The 10th Amendment would be enforced. If it ain't in the Constitution, it ain't in the purview of the federal government. ( Social Security Ponzi scheme.)

    There would be a consumption tax instead of an income tax. The federal government would have to live within it's budget, just like the rest of us.

    +1 to jail's being places feared by bad men and "You eat what your family brings you."

    That's just for starters...

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    Lots of good ideas there...

    First I think I'd completely do away with all salaries for elected representatives. I'd make them illegal. People should run for office because they have the best interest of those they represent at heart - and they should be eager to get back home to their "real" job.

    Second, I think mandatory military service is a good idea allowing for "concientious objectors" to serve as cooks, medics, laundrymen, etc. Once out of the service, every person would be a member of the standing reserve forces until the age of 45.

    Third, I believe I'm make it mandatory for all immigrants to APPLY to come to the country based on what they can bring to make it better. I'd do away with all school visas and work visas.

    Fourth, I'd make it a capital offense to make illegal entry into the country. Any adult illegally entering the country would be considered part of an invading army and deadly force would be authorized by all border guards.

    Fifth, honorable military service of three years or more would be required for anyone who wanted to run for Congress or other federal public office. All political appointments for any position in the military chain of command or supply system would be required to have served as well.

    Sixth, for every adult over the age of 21 free of emotional / mental issues and excluding violent criminals, I would make it illegal to go more than one mile from home without a gun.

    Seventh, the 11th admendment would make all taxes over 10% of a man's income illegal. 10% would be max and it would be divided between the fed, state, county and local govts as applicable. No deductions, write offs, etc. Just pay 10% of whatever you make and it would get divided up.

    Eighth, I would make it illegal for the federal govt to base funding on compliance. In other words, instead of a state HAVING to put in effect a 55MPH speed limit to get highway maintenance funds, I'd make it illegal for the federal govt to keep those funds. In fact, I think we should more severely limit the fed govt involvement in life. How about if we just make it so the south won the war? Slavery should still be illegal, the state's should maintain the power.

    I think that's enough ranting for now...
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    Put wording in the Bill of Rights....that they apply to INDIVIDUALS!

    Limit the number of LAWYERS (sorry to the forum member who are lawyers....)

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    Great question. And my answer can be found in John Galt's speech from Ayn Rands novel, Atlas Shrugged.

    "It does not do to leave a dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him."

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