Found this in the news today, some of you might find it interesting:

FAIRFIELD – A surveillance video that captured a prisoner attacking a deputy bailiff in Fairfield Municipal Court on June 6 shows bailiffs in the courtroom had momentarily taken their eyes off the prisoner.

“It’s just a matter that we became complacent,” Court Administrator Ed Roberts said today. “Our deputy bailiffs do this day in and day out.”

Harvey Johnson Jr., 32, who has been indicted on an aggravated murder charge for the death of his girlfriend, was in court on unrelated traffic charges when he lunged at deputy bailiff in an apparent attempt to grab his gun, police said.

The deputy bailiffs in the court quickly subdued Johnson.

The deputy bailiffs had turned their backs on Johnson for “a short period of time,” Roberts said.

Johnson was charged with aggravated robbery and escape for the courtroom incident.

“We viewed the video,” Roberts said. “We had – as a result – to make some changes.”

From now on, Roberts said, all court personnel will be notified when violent offenders are in the courtroom; violent offenders will be kept in handcuffs unless a judge objects and then two deputy bailiffs will guard the prisoner; and there will be no more than three violent offenders in the court room at one time.

After reviewing the video, the decision was made that none of the deputy bailiffs will face any disciplinary action for the courtroom incident, Roberts said.
And here should have the video too:

It is interesting to watch the reactions of everyone else in the court, including the other prisoners while the whole episode goes on. I guess the aggravated robbery charge is for trying to take the bailiff's
weapon. Fairfield isn't the biggest community around here, but I was surprised that there weren't any more officers that came into the court room.