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Bug Out Bag

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    Bug Out Bag

    OK, so I had been using one big backpack for my BOB and started to think about it. If I REALLY had to get out of dodge, maybe on foot, do I really want to have to carry all this stuff myself? Between my fiancee and 3 kids, why not split the load. I have since converted my one big heavy bag into 4. 2 Maxpedition fatboys, 1 maxpedition jumbo and my AR case (found it at a flea market but it has backpack straps). Each Max has water bottle, firestarters, flashlight, poncho, some ammo and emergency blanket. The rest of the gear is just divided to make the weight about right for whoever is assigned to carry it. I got a left side jumbo and fatboy and one right side fatboy in case I wind up having to carry it all. The Jumbo and AR case are in my closet and the 2 oldest each have a fatboy in theirs. If the time comes and I tell them we're leaving, they each know to grab it and their clothes bag. My youngest grabs her clothes bag. The fiancee and I grab our BOBs and clothes bag and we're off. Total weight for a family of 5 is 60 lbs with 150 rounds of .223 and 50 rounds of .45 plus whatever she and I are carrying at the time. The vehicle has extras, but nothing we cannot live without. (tarp, more clothes, more ammo) Does anybody use a similar method? Has anybody practiced bugging out? I plan to do a camping trip this fall, I am going to start the trip as a bug out drill. Am I nuts?
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    No, living out of your bags for a weekend is the only way to test them. Same with food stores, live off your stores for a month (no outside food) and I garuntee you'll make adjustments.

    It's just my wife and my 1 month old son and me. She carries his things I carry ours. Our stuff is very lite and minimal our sons is a crap load .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Free American View Post
    Am I nuts?
    No, you are prepared...though some people do think that it is insane to be prepared you probably won't find many of them in this forum. I have multi-part "Bug" strategies one is a bug in and then there are various bug out scenarios. Though most of the bug out scenarios involve the car working and me being able to drive as this is the most likely in my area. A foot bugout for me would be hard since I have two small children but I do have a nice all terain bug out stroller that I could use!

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    I seem to lurk for these threads. hahaha I keep one. I've practiced with it. I will suggest you to dump the AR case. Use paracord to secure it to one of your packs. If you're concerned about weather getting to it, wrap it in saran wrap when you head out (just not when the weapon is hot!!!!!).

    I've got about a million suggestions ive put up in various threads on how to slim down BoBs and I've even posted my load before. I'll do a search a little late to see if I can find them.
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