Are We Truly Prepared?

Are We Truly Prepared?

This is a discussion on Are We Truly Prepared? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I was just watching Fox News and saw an Amber Alert issued for a young girl. It seems she was gathering the family for fireworks ...

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Thread: Are We Truly Prepared?

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    Are We Truly Prepared?

    I was just watching Fox News and saw an Amber Alert issued for a young girl. It seems she was gathering the family for fireworks and the family heard a scream and went to check and they saw a van speeding off and the child was no were to be found. Now I got to thinking about my own level of readiness during family events at my home. First thing I would do in that situation was give chase to the van while the family searched for the girl. However when at home I rarely have my car keys on my person. By the time I could run into the house, retrieve my keys, and get to my truck, I doubt I could find the Van. Looks like its time to rethink what I carry around the house.
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    Terrible. Simply terrible. Also one of my biggest fears. Its hard not to be overprotective and keep my kids inside unless I'm by their side, but they are getting older, and I can't keep em locked up forever. When at home, and everyones inside I often deadbolt the doors and disarm and relax, but If they want t go outside I usually re-arm. I guess I should start having my keys on me too. People can suck.
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    I always have my keys on me.

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    I saw the same story earlier. Damn nasty business. I hope they find the kid ASAP
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    This little girl and family should be in all our prayers. I hope she is found un-harmed. People look at us like we're so paranoid because we always have to have the necessities. Guns, ammo, knife, flash light, cell phone, keys, wallet, all 24/7! (For the most part). Stay safe everyone. God bless.
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    My keys are usually in the ingnition, but don't tell my insurance company. ;-) It's a bad habit I know, but hey, I'm rural and we don't have traffic. Someone would have to come through the gate and up the drive to get to the car or my kid. That would be difficult to do without me knowing.

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    Please keep us informed of child's status!
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