...a fat lady walks into the shoe store...

...a fat lady walks into the shoe store...

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Thread: ...a fat lady walks into the shoe store...

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    ...a fat lady walks into the shoe store...

    I had another one of those moments that makes you say "ahhh."

    I was set up at the gun counter sharpening, when I saw a guy wander through the aisles, and I was about to call out to him for business. Then I stopped. It was an old acquaintence, a biker named "Lucky." I felt nothing for him but cold contempt.

    The bikers have a slogan about relationships like that. We say, "I wouldn't piss up his ass if his guts were on fire."

    Lucky and I rode together, were best friends for over 20 years and he was the best man at my wedding. You didn't see that coming, did you.

    Lucky also bled off over 4,000 dollars of his wife's wages and ear-marked it for his mistress should he happen to die during angioplasty. I know this for a fact since he gave me the package and her name and location.

    He also quit his job, started smaking dope (again) and then topped off his exploits by beating his wife--who also came to me for help.

    He called me one night wanting to know where "his money" was, and I told him I had turned it over to his wife, and I would offer a deposition to her attorney in any divorce action that came down pike. He went ballistic, and he didn't know I was on to all of the details.

    As a biker, I told him to come to my home, I would meet him out front and he could "try and do to me what he did to his wife." I also stated that this was a permanent condition, and if his wife was hurt further, it would be me coming for him.

    We spoke briefly, once, some five years later, and then never again.

    I'm sure many of you are thinking that I have made so much of the concepts of friendship, trust, ethics and loyalty that my actions appear coarse. They were, and they should be. Friendship does not trump ethics.

    In short, it was always me that was the better friend. I gave him more cash, more free bullets, more food, more companionship and comfort than I got in return. I believe a 'friend' should do that without question. But when the scales tip to wrongdoing, then approval must be withheld. And it was I that really took the loss here; I had worked so hard to maintain that relationship.

    So, as I saw him in the sporting goods store, my blood ran cold. We had not spoken for about ten years, and my feelings had not changed. And you know, I was glad they didn't.

    It's too easy to throw in the towel and say, let bygones be bygones. He beat his wife. He betrayed a friend. He use expedience to further his causes at the expense of everyone else. He's a user, he's an easy rider (in the southern sense of the phrase) and he will forever be an outcast.

    The Riders yanked his colors, he didn't even meet the standards set by a freewheeling section of society. And it is so now.

    It's too easy to age, to soften to backslide on issues of ethics because causes become dusty. Sometimes you stand and lose, but so is the nature of ethics. I have never had a friend like that since, and I've come to realize that I never will.

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    Tourist, you did right.

    It's tough getting in the midde of two friends, but Lucky showed his true colors. Ethics are very important to me. When a person has done malicious wrong to me or another, I won't forget it, and I won't forgive it.

    Some people are happy to surround themselves with many, many friends, while only a small handful of those can only truly be counted as true friends. I have a very small handful I call friends, and all those I can say are true friends. The rest are just acquaintances.

    In one incident, I was slandered to anyone who would listen to it, and libeled to anyone who would read it, and when the smoke cleared, I discovered who my true friends were - they were the ones who stayed out of the firefight and would not judge me based on a one-sided story. My reputation is important to me. Many moons later, when the runaway mouth turned up at my doorstep with a mopey face and an olive branch, I shook my head and closed the door.
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    Betty, I'm sorry this happened to you.

    May I add that Lucky never showed one lick of remorse, which also is an important element to this equation. At my age, the events of life several decades ago must be dealt with for the boy who was responsible. (i.e., the boy thought it was a lark, the man knows better, and must pay.) In that manner, I have had to make 'that long slow walk' to a wronged person, and I have had to eat crow. That taste lingers, I assure you.

    There again, a system of ethics demands that behavior. If my word has no value during its worst, would it have sincere value at its best?

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