Mark over at Tranquil Hosting has been one of the best hosts that the forum has ever hosted with and has always been good at responding to my questions and the few problems we have experienced. Not to mention the work he did in getting us successfully moved over in the first place.

Since he gave us such a good deal and has supported us, I thought I would pass this information on to those of you that are looking for a host or know of someone that is. They're good people and I can't recommend them enough.

Hi Randy,

I just wanted to let you know we have formally launched our Virtual Private
Servers line. I think you mentioned knowing some people that needed good
hosting but didn't need their own server.

We are doing a 15% off promotion this month (July), if you know of anyone who may
be interested.



Mark Price
Tranquil Hosting
office/ 888-846-3710
mobile/ 919-749-3539