Ugh, High Humidity

Ugh, High Humidity

This is a discussion on Ugh, High Humidity within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Whew, it's so humid where I live (Lower half of Alabama). You sweat just being outside - don't really have to be active. How about ...

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Thread: Ugh, High Humidity

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    Ugh, High Humidity

    Whew, it's so humid where I live (Lower half of Alabama). You sweat just being outside - don't really have to be active.

    How about where you live? I'd like to know where the humidity is normally low most if not all during the year.

    Makes 90 degrees feel sooo much hotter than places I've been in where the temp was the same but humidity was low.
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    Miami-Dade, FL
    Miami International Airport
    Lat: 25.82 N Lon: 80.28 W Elev: 35 ft
    Last Update on Jul 11, 2:53 pm EDT
    Mostly Cloudy
    90°F (32°C)
    Humidity: 59 %
    Wind Speed: SE 12 MPH
    Barometer: 30.07" (1018.4 mb)
    Dewpoint: 74°F (23°C)
    Heat Index: 99°F (37°C)
    Visibility: 10.00 mi

    It is pouring down now so it cool off a lot
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    In Southern Maine 87 and 72% Humidity, bad but have seen much worse.
    Back where I grew up in Missoula, MT I don't ever recall it feeling humid at least a heck of lot less then here, Just checked missoula currently 86 and 19% humidity.

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    Lower Slobovia
    It gets bad enough here. There's a lot of lakes and rivers in the area. I've been to a lot worse places, though. I remember having to cut off a chunk of air in West Palm Beach to breathe.

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    It's actually a bit more humid here than normal:

    Tucson, AZ

    (36°C) Humidity: 23 %
    Wind Speed: NE 9 MPH

    Barometer: 30.01 in (1010.80 mb)
    Dewpoint: 53°F (12°C)
    Heat Index: 95°F (35°C)
    Visibility: 10.00 Miles

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    Lat: 39.57 Lon: -104.85 Elev: 5883
    Last Update on Jul 11, 12:53 pm MDT

    Mostly Cloudy

    (22°C) Humidity: 53 %
    Wind Speed: Calm
    Barometer: 30.23" (1017.2 mb)
    Dewpoint: 54°F (12°C)
    Visibility: 8.00
    Denver humidity is low...10% in the Winter, and we complain about how "muggy" it feels when it hits 60% in the Summer...
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    Believe it or not even up here in PA - the humidity can really get crazy! Last coupla days and more it has been around 90º but increasing humidity. Yesterday you coulda cut the air with a knife!

    Difference tho is from South, well at moment - it is a sorta roller-coaster such that today is storms and cold front coming in so - humidity will drop a lot for coupla days maybe. Then it'll all crank up again.

    Shucks - look at Pacific NW right now - they have some triple digits I believe and probably gotten more humid too. I sweat just thinkin' about being outside
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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    I sweat just thinkin' about being outside
    I sweat just being outside.
    I don't bother with forecasts too much, I just sniff the air like a dog would. Down here in the warm months you get through several shirts a day working outside, and you lose weight just standing still.

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    Here in Middle Tennessee it is much like lower Alabama, I expect. We usually have a week or two at the end of July and the beginning of August where the heat and the humidity are both in the 90s.

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    Whoa, Anyone here live in Utah? Looking at the weather map seems to have low humidity in general there....
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    Cool Florida... typical conditions

    Lakeland, Florida 33803
    Last update July 11 -4:45pm
    Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
    Wind: WSW @ 7mph
    92ºF, Feels like 96º
    Humidity 47%
    Dewpoint 69ºF
    Visibility: 4 Miles
    Pressure 30.05in.

    Added to note: In 1 hour, at 6pm the forecast says it will feel like 102ºF, actual should be 91º.
    Midnight tonight- forecasted 81º, feels like 87º... at midnight. This is largely due to the relative humidity % rise as the day cools down some. Saweeeet deal.

    My A/C was left on 72º this morning, giving it a definite head-start jump on the heat build-up. Its currently 78º in here according to the Digital T-stat in the hall. It probably hasn't shut off at all today past about 10am, and looks like its going to be running for at least 4 more hours before it achieves desired temperature of about 72-73º ( I like it cool!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Team American View Post
    Denver humidity is low...10% in the Winter, and we complain about how "muggy" it feels when it hits 60% in the Summer... has been real muggy here the last couple of days.. I want our dry weather back!

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    houston, tx

    Went for a lunch time run in Houston yesterday

    63 % humidity
    man - was i dragging after the 1st 2 miles
    Remember that old line "Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun"? Add joggers.

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    Spokane area, WA
    Spokane - 96deg and 14% humidity. This being the dry side of the state, it's pretty normal to not have high humidity. It's not too bad if the humidity is low.
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    Hot here too, heat index was 100

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