Anyone Ever Hear of this?

Anyone Ever Hear of this?

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Thread: Anyone Ever Hear of this?

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    Anyone Ever Hear of this?

    My wife does the "Where's George" thing with all her currency. You join up, stamp your money with the web address and register the serial numbers of your bills.

    You can track them all over the country.

    She found where someone on another board had suggested doing a closely related thing (following in the footsteps of the gay community) to bring attention to the economic power of gun owners.

    Here's a copy of the page:


    Now available in Self Inking!

    Those of you who live in big cities may remember seeing dollar bills that were stamped GAY DOLLAR. This was to remind everyone of the buying power of the gay community. This made a lot of people wise up that at least they better be nice to gays if they didn't want so suffer economic consequences. These stamps (among other actions) also raised the visibility of gays to a level not known before. In any case, you see the result. In Illinois you have a Republican governor trying to pass a gay rights bill. Members of his closest staff are openly gay. Gun owners? Not a one in least not one who'll admit to it. Gun Rights? Sure, Governor Ryan will be happy to take them away! HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED!

    So, we are starting our own version of the GAY DOLLAR -

    These stamps are perfect for marking legal and tender things. The GAY DOLLAR was a huge success, I hope GUN OWNER$ will be too! can we duplicate that success? Gonna take a lot of stamps! You can get a stamp Easy!

    Go to your local Office Supply shop and tell them to make a stamp that says GUN OWNER$ in 14 Point Helvetica Bold Font. If you get a self-inking stamp request red ink.

    If you would...pass this on to other lists that may be interested in participating in our little act of rebellion.
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    I run into the 'Where's George' bills every now & then (last time about 2 weeks ago).

    I would be hesitant to put any stamps on currency though.......technically it's against the law.

    I WOULD however put it on any checks I write. My father-in-law put a stamp that said 'This is tobacco money' on all the checks he wrote. He raised tobacco on part of his farm.

    I think I might have to do as you suggest, good idea!
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    Sounds Like a Great Idea...



    I would like to have my camera ready when your wife walks into a bank with sunglasses and a ball cap, and hands (just to get change) the teller a $50 with "GUN OWNER' stamped across the front...

    Could be interesting?

    Actually though, that isn't a bad idea!

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