Had a knife pulled on me at work last night !!!..long

Had a knife pulled on me at work last night !!!..long

This is a discussion on Had a knife pulled on me at work last night !!!..long within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I work in an ER in a small town. About ten hours into my twelve hour shift I get a call that the Police Dept. ...

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Thread: Had a knife pulled on me at work last night !!!..long

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    Had a knife pulled on me at work last night !!!..long

    I work in an ER in a small town. About ten hours into my twelve hour shift I get a call that the Police Dept. will be bringing in a suicidal patient. She was found with a butcher knife tucked into her skirt walking down the road. Her brother called the PD earlier to say that she planned on killing herself in front of her grandmothers grave, and that she was walking there

    The patient comes in wearing handcuffs behind her back. She is mid twentys with an average height/build. I escort her and the LEO to our mental health room in the ER. This room is right in the middle of the nurses station and is our "lockdown" room. I start to triage the patient.

    After I get the vital signs the LEO removes her cuffs. I ask her to remove her clothes and put on a gown. She refuses to comply. It was then explaned to her that she has no choice in the matter because of why she was brought to the emegency room. All the sudden out of nowhere she pulls out a 5-6inch steak knife.

    For a second I was like a deer in the headlights,...it caught me really off guard. After the "huh" factor wore off the LEO and myself grabed her arms, seperated and twisted them, and tossed her on the bed. We were able to get the knife from her with only a laceration to her thumb. After disarming her, we put her in a gown and obtained blood and urine samples with no futher incident.

    The LEO apoligized for not searching her better. After he took the first knife out of her waistband he didn't search for another. The LEO was young and I had probally only seen him around for a couple months. I told him, that we came out safe/unharmed and now the patient is safe, that is really all that matters in the end. I could tell he felt totally worthless, and getting mad at him would probally not help anything. I'm sure next time he is in a simalar situation he does a more thorough job of "frisking". What amazed me the most was the fact that she was wearing a very short summer skirt and a tube top, and had a large knife concealed from a LEO and the rest of us.

    I guess my main points to this story is just to show how vunerable hospitals are ,how easy it is for someone to conceal a deadly weapon, and also how fast a situation can turn deadly.

    My hospital has very poor security, they are unarmed, out of shape, and most over 60. While a firearm/tazer..etc may have not made a difference in this situation, one day one may. If it illegal for us to carry at work(all hospitals I know of), we shoud be provided adequate protection from danger. I plan on writting another letter to our hospital preisdent, but honestly nothing will probally be done. I'm so sick of feeling like a sheep and wondering if the next person coming through our squad door has a gun and a vendetta.

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    Thanks for sharing...you, and so many others ARE vunerable to situations like this because of the irrational 'anti' laws and regs. So many places only make it safe for the criminal and they STILL don't get it.
    Also sounds like that young officer needs some additional 'search and discover' practice...

    Stay armed...if you can...stay safe!

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    A fireman who rushes into a burning building, and is injured while running out with a "save" is a Wounded Hero.

    A fireman who rushes into a burning building, and is injured, to no end, is demonstrating "poor judgement and needs remedial training".

    Forgiveness vs. permission and forgiveness through validation. Clear nuff? BTDT. Are you working your shoves, kicks and disables? Nothing like incentive to get you started.

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    I used to work security in the ER at a local hospital while in school....
    Having been down that road before, I advise you learn and practice self defense.....

    Nothing brings out the Idiots like a full moon, for some reason....
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