Wally world fun

Wally world fun

This is a discussion on Wally world fun within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm (hopefully) taking another class this weekend. The course description calls for 500 rounds, so I head to the neighborhood Wally world for something other ...

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Thread: Wally world fun

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    Wally world fun

    I'm (hopefully) taking another class this weekend. The course description calls for 500 rounds, so I head to the neighborhood Wally world for something other than the white box dirty stuff. The guy working the counter was more than likely just fine...but my 1st impression was he was running on a permanent 7 second delay. I wait my turn at the counter and he moseys over and says "whutchaneed"
    (which is southern for can I help you) I ask "What 45ACP do you have in stock?" He hands me 1 box of CCI Brass. I tell him "boss..I'm gonna need more than that" He (without asking quantity) grabs another 50 round box and says...is that it?
    I say...no, I need 500 rounds, do you have that many on hand?
    He kinds froze for a good 45 seconds...didn't even blink for at LEAST 45 seconds. Then he managed...whutfer? (southern for...well..what for)
    Not that it's any of his business, but I tell him I'm going to a training class and I need 500 rounds. He perks up and tries to take the 45 ACP back and give me .40...he made the decision that despite the fact that I'm wearing a shirt that says DONELSON COMPUTERS that I'm a LEO that doesn't know what caliber I'm shooting.
    I stop him halfway back to the cabinet and say...I REALLY need 500 rounds of 45ACP, not .40.
    Time stops again....fine...whatever...I try a different approach.
    Please give me 10 boxes of CC Brass in 45 ACP please. I figured the math might be the probelm (500/50=10)
    Well...he can only find 9...ok....give me 8 boxes of CCI and one 100 round box of the white box..no...not the 40...the 45.

    I wondered walking out if he was going to freak out and call SWAT or something the way he was acting. Then I thought of the poor rookie LEO pulling me over in the parking lot, 6 3/4 inch wood dowels in the back seat for a home project, 500 rounds of .45ACP, My Kimber CDP fully loaded with two spare mags, and the P3AT...oh and the two knifes I carry...poor fella might have called in SWAT
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    Gotta love Wallyworld
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    "Sir - which war was it you were being deployed to"?

    "But .40 is only .05 smaller than .45!! Won't that do?"
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    I've had similar experiences. Like when I ask for .45 ACP and they say "All I've got here is .45 Auto." I say, "That'll do." Or when I ask for .44 Special and they say "What's that?" Nevermind. This weekend I found a 250 round box of UMC 180 grain .40 S&W and it was marked at $7.00 so I said I wanted it. The guy rang it up as $57.00 and I said "I don't want that anymore." He didn't get why. Wow.


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    ".44 Special? I didn't know we were running a special on .44 this week?" Sheesh!
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