Ok fess up! What is the stupidest (legal) thing you have ever done with a gun?

This is a discussion on Ok fess up! What is the stupidest (legal) thing you have ever done with a gun? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Before I believed the 1911 guys about locked and cocked I did something I did a hundred times before without any problem a hundred times ...

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Thread: Ok fess up! What is the stupidest (legal) thing you have ever done with a gun?

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    Before I believed the 1911 guys about locked and cocked I did something I did a hundred times before without any problem a hundred times before.

    After a hot sweaty day at the range, I get home reload my carry ammo and lower the hammer. Except the hammer slipped faster than what it should have...I'm just glad that I was in a basement with cinderblocks. No real damage to anything...other than my pride and hearing for a couple of days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benthic View Post
    Sounds very much like a story from a Marine friend of mine. His involves range work with wire guided anti-tank missles in Iraq, and a camel that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. His 'incident' remains unsolved as well...

    At the time of incident, I thought this was the only time this has happened. As I got older and wiser, I have found out the the little plastic buildings have a pretty short life span.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonofASniper View Post
    Thats good. There is a lot of thanks owed on that one.

    I have had a few life lessons, but the one that sticks out in my mind is when I was out shooting with two good friends. We were doing rapid fires, and when one of them ran out and his slide locked back he noticed the heat radiating off the barrel. So, my buddy did what he thought was the next logical thing and proceeded to reach over and brand my forearm with the hot barrel.

    In one split second I almost spun and shot him. Fortunately, I regained my composure quickly and employed the use of my trusty danner boots and left him with a fractured shin bone for his stupidity. As well as a few other sore spots and bruises on him too.

    Spun me into a dimension of off that I had never reached before at the time though. I later forgave him, but he was never so stupid around me with weapons ever again.
    The thought that comes to mind is "with friends like these..."
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    What is the stupidest (legal) thing you have ever done with a gun?
    The stupid part: As a 10yr old, I took my cousins' word for it that a double-barrel 10ga shotgun would be easy and fun to shoot. Well, that was only partly right.

    When I was 10yrs old, I was visiting cousins at their farm. They were shooting out back, over the ravine. They had a 10ga double-barrel shotgun and invited me to try it. The target was a huge Folger's coffee can, on the other side of the ravine, about ~30yds away or so. Pulled the trigger ... and the last thing I saw was the coffee can spinning up and off into the distance, between my legs, as my legs and feet were sent up and over me. I landed in a heap, a couple yards back. The target had a big set of holes right through it. I had a huge smile, their respect, and a bruised shoulder for a week. The cousins thought this bumpkin-baiting was loads of fun. I suppose it was. Hooked me for life.
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    At the range one day with my new AR. Shot for a bit, laid the rifle on the bench, shot the handgun for a bit. Went to pack up the guns, and had one of those "wait a second..." pauses.

    Took the rifle back out of the case, pointed it downrange, and pulled the changing handle back. Out pops a nice live round.

    Fortunately, I was alone at the range, so nobody witnessed my incredible stupidity.

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    I think I've related this story before, but...

    I once went skeet shooting with a stockless Winchester 1300 Defender. First round, and the shotgun came back and bit me right above my upper lip (I'd shot it before, of course, but never at that angle and in that position). So, OK, ouch, but I finished the course and managed to get about 50% hits.

    The really bad part is this: After I finished, it was my buddy's turn. I explain to him (with a big fat bloody lip for emphasis) that you need a VERY tight grip and a "flexed" muscle with the firing arm, and to watch that the receiver is far enough away from his face when he fires, and all the lessons I had just (painfully) learned. He goes up to the line, "pull!" "BANG!" Result? A broken clay and a split lip. Sometimes, folks just gotta learn for themselves...
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    I'll fess up

    My D.A.D. (dumb ***** discharge) I racked the slide on my "empty" OACP & took a quick aim & pulled the trigger on a clock on the wall in my store. I forgot that I had put the loaded magazine back in! I killed my clock. Luckily I own the building so I didn't have to explain it to a landlord, it was Saturday so the store was closed and there were no witnesses to my act of incredible stupidity. I learned a good lesson from this and now double check to make sure that a firearm is empty.

    Edited to add: Besides me, you all are the only ones that know this.
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    Now to tell on my brother!

    Ok, I told on myself first so I guess it is only fair to tell on my brother also (he has passed from this world so I guess he wonít mind if I tell). Until the day he died he swore that this was my fault, and maybe it was, partly, but I think he should have been more diligent in checking the gun, it is for you fine people to decide who is to blame.

    Going back to my youth in Nevada, I had a .22 9 shot single action revolver (I donít even remember the brand name all these years later) that was styled like the colt .45 cowboy gun. Being in a household that always kept loaded guns handy I often placed this pistol on my dresser and for the most part it was loaded. This one time I only had 4 or 5 rounds left so I ejected the spent cartridges and left the live rounds in position to fire if the trigger was pulled (this is how my brother blamed me for this incident).

    My brother was home alone and saw my gun on the dresser and decided to practice his quick draw. He strapped on his gun belt and tied it down low, picked up my revolver and opened the gate to check if it was loaded, when he saw empty chambers he failed to spin the cylinder to see all the chambers. He then squared off in front of the mirror on my grandparents 120 year-old antique dresser and shot his reflection right in the heart! (I never said he was a bad shot, of course he was only about 5 feet from the mirror.)

    Except for the dogs barking at the unexpected gun shot he said the house was completely quite, he then removed his holster and waited for the explosion when our grandfather got home. I learned a whole lot of new cuss words that day.

    Ok am I to blame for leaving a half loaded gun laying on my dresser or was he to blame for not checking all cylinders? Of course today every gun that I leave loaded has full loads, but I am in a better position to afford ammo that when I was 12, not to mention that I had the added trouble of getting someone to make the purchase that was over 21.

    Before the rant about allowing a 12 year old to have and keep his own gun, and to allow him to keep it loaded at that, please remember that it was a different world out in the deserts of Nevada 40+ years ago and our closest neighbor was over a mile away as the crow flies, and closer to 5 miles by roads.
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    I had been at the range after a long, and very bad work day, where I had put 300 rounds through my XD9 to relieve a little stress. I get home, feeling a little better. Eat a little food, and sit down to watch a movie with my son as I break out the CPL and go to work.

    After a good cleaning I sitting there watching the movie and dry firing on a snap cap... and I'm about to fall asleep. I ask my son to go and grab my other mag from the night stand, that's loaded with Gold Dots. I put my cleaning supplies away, pop the loaded mag into the XD and place the gun inside it's hard case.

    Well I kind of drift off for a second, then wake up a little and resume watching the movie... wile not really paying attention to what I was doing, I picked up the XD and put a 9mm Gold Dot right through Michael J. Fox's forehead.

    Damn, I was pissed.... $1000.00 worth of TV just exploded across my basement, my son looks at me and says... "What are we going to watch now?"

    For the record, you guys, me, and my two sons are the only people that know what happened to my TV.

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    I'd have to say mine is a tie between getting drunk and forgetting I had a loaded handgun out, and owning a Hi-point. (sorry guys, I'm pretty boring).

    There are a couple worth mention that I experienced second hand, both involved the squad assault course.

    First one was a night fire. The squad was loaded up and behind their weapons, waiting for the order to move. The automatic rifleman (M249) fell asleep while waiting. When he woke up on his own, he apparently decided to fire off a 3-round burst. Another reason that fatigue and loaded guns don't mix.

    Second was something I would have never thought possible until I saw a damaged M-240B in my tent. The squad was doing a blank fire at the same course, the machine gunner was using ammo from a box appropriately marked as blank, and the rounds he initial pulled from the box were blank. Somewhere in the belt, live rounds were mixed in. The purpose of the blank fire is to ensure proper fire controls, and it's fortunate it happened there. Had this been force on force, it would have been bad. Lesson here is to always inspect your ammo before loading.
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    Inside my bedroom I was showing a friend the "way-cool" magazine disconnect safety on my new Ruger P345. I racked the slide and chambered a live round, popped the mag release, dropped the mag, pulled the trigger, heard the refreshing click, reinserted the mag...AND PULLED THE TRIGGER AGAIN! KA-BOOM!!!

    The 230 gr. bullet went splintering through the EXACT center of a beautiful Cherrywood bed post, into the sheetrock & lodged behind that & the outside wall of the house. NO excuse, NO rationalization, NO reason...just a COMPLETE momentary BRAIN SPRAIN. It was my first D.A.D. in 40 years of gun handling. I hope/pray it's my last.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrvoy View Post
    I had a .22 9 shot single action revolver (I donít even remember the brand name all these years later) that was styled like the colt .45 cowboy gun.
    High Standard used to make those.
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    I have two of them - many years ago I decided to take a shot at a rabbit from the front seat of a VW Beatle with a Ruger Blackhawk in 30 cal carbine. To this day I attribute the major loss of my hearing to that one shot. Another one - I was loosing a hen nearly every night, so I waited up to find out what was stealing my hens. Sure nuff, around midnight the hens started raising cane in the henhouse, so I grabbed by 45 Colt and went to investigate. I shinned the light in the roost area, and a large coon was getting ready to pick out his next meal. I shot from less than ten feet, and missed - the bullet went through the wall of the hen house and into the rear tire of my new tractor. That was $250 coon.

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    I think i was around 13 and watching an episode of Miami vice on TV. I was sitting there cleaning a little .22 double action revolver, Iver Johnson target model.

    So sure enough, a gun fight comes on TV and even back then I was watching gun handling tactics etc. I raise the revolver up and snap one off right at the TV.

    Thankfully, I was hunting pigeons out of the silo that day and it was only loaded with bird shot. It took out a few little chunks of the glass screen. But that was all. Luckily, no one was home at the time and I got away with it.

    Since then, I've been much more carefull.

    As a side note, i was able to recover that gun from my parents estate recently. It's the first memory it brought back.
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    To continue to let a friend of mine shoot my 1911 after he dropped it, not once, but twice!

    He didn't drop it because he couldn't handle recoil during fire, just a fumble fingers or something!

    We were in grassy field and no damage to the gun, but it's the principle of it!
    Semper Fi

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