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Ok fess up! What is the stupidest (legal) thing you have ever done with a gun?

This is a discussion on Ok fess up! What is the stupidest (legal) thing you have ever done with a gun? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My friend and I had bought a pair of Mossberg "Mariner" shotguns when they were on sale at The Sports Authority (back when that store ...

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Thread: Ok fess up! What is the stupidest (legal) thing you have ever done with a gun?

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    My friend and I had bought a pair of Mossberg "Mariner" shotguns when they were on sale at The Sports Authority (back when that store had the nerve to sell firearms). He got a 500 and I got a 590.

    My 590 came with the pistol grip attached (and the shoulder stock in the box). I thought, "Oooh, cool, pistol-grip action!"

    Knowing little about shotguns, or rather, caring little about appropriateness, we took our shotguns to the range with a thrower and some clay discs and some dove-and-quail shells. We didn't study up on trap shooting, we just wanted to use our new shotguns and have fun. Never had a mind toward getting "into" the shotgun shooting sports as an organized thing.

    He ended up doing a lot better at first with his 500 because he had the shoulder stock attached. I was trying, meanwhile, to hit trap with a pistol grip! I was only marginally successful.

    So with each turn, and with each shot, I was trying to simulate having the shotgun where it would be if I had the shoulder stock attached. With each shot, I brought the back end of the gun closer and closer to my face.

    Eventually, BAMF!! I took the recoil of a shot right on the mouth, splitting my lip. (Funny, I don't remember now if it was upper or lower.) I was worried that I might have broken, lost or loosened a tooth or two, but fortunately, they were all fine. I was just this side of needing stitches in the lip, though. I got along without them and healed up okay. Boy was I embarrassed, and angry at myself, but ultimately just relieved I hadn't messed myself up too bad.

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    Glad I'm not the only one!
    A man fires a rifle for many years, and he goes to war. And afterward he turns the rifle in at the armory, and he believes he's finished with the rifle. But no matter what else he might do with his hands - love a woman, build a house, change his son's diaper - his hands remember the rifle.

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    Not I!

    Dad used to let me tag along on bird hunts. Grouse, pheasant and especially dove. I started out carrying a cork gun, you know, the kind with the litte string attached to a cork fit for the end of a wooden pump-tube? Very cool for a six year old. Dad taught me as if the gun were real, and if I did anything unsafe with it, I had to go wait out the rest of the hunt in the car.

    His tutelage means I have never had even a near 'accident', and am NOT suprised. I am completely OCD about safe gun behavior, and the whole time, I hear Dad's voice in my ear encouraging me to slow down and check the chamber one more time.

    BUT, my best friend had buck fever on his first elk hunt and I got to watch him kill his Jeep (parked behind some bushes) with a well-placed .30-06 round. THAT was, blessedly, funny. I never went hunting with him again, though!
    A man in the hands of his enemies is flesh, and shudderingly vulnerable. - author unknown

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    I'll 'fess up. When I was in my early twenties (I'm in my early fifties now) I purchased my first semiauto pistol - a Beretta .25 cal. I wanted a small pocket gun and it seemed a good idea at the time. Anyway, I had always shot revolvers in the past, always using good firearm etiquette and safety practices, so when I went to target practice with the Beretta I felt I was experienced enough to shoot an auto OK. I fired several rounds at the target and then reached up to my head to scratch an itch. You guessed it, with my shooting hand, Beretta right there next to my ear. The dang thing was so light, I had absent mindedly done a most dangerous thing. The realization of what I was doing dawned on me almost instantly and scared the **** out of me so much I immediately set the gun down and waited a few minutes to compose myself. I lectured myself on gun safety and the difference between revolvers and SA autos before I picked the gun back up. I never pulled another stunt like that again and have shot many autos since then. I am a stickler for gun safety with my boys when we go hunting and I pray they always pay attention to what they are doing. It only takes a careless instant to change a life forever.

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    Back when I was 15 I had this pump action bb gun pistol. I was bored one day so I took it out in my back yard. I was shooting at random stuff and as I walked around the house I saw a huge black spider on the wall. So, the obvious course of action is to pump it 10 times take aim and and try to take out the spider at point blank range....

    ...the bb miss my face by a "hair". I FELT it go past the side of my face and have a distinct "screenshot" (if you will) of the bb 2 inches in front of my face. I am lucky I didnt lose and eye.

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    I'm 51 and just started getting into guns. I've been interested in the past, but my ignorance about them kept me from taking up the hobby. I finally decided to learn. As a kid I had no training and only shot a .22 one time. Otherwise I've only pulled a trigger on a shotgun, rifle, or pistol about 10 times as an adult before 6 months ago. I've since taken the NRA Basic Pistol course and joined a local range. I've also forced myself to progress slowly so I don't have to learn from mistakes.

    Anyway, when I was about 10 or 11 I took a neighbor's BB gun and was going to shoot a hole through a leaf at close range. What I didn't know was my brother was behind the leaf and I shot him just below the eye.

    I look back and firmly believe that the biggest gun problem is that kids aren't trained in the responsibility of firearms by adults.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geezer View Post
    I have two of them - many years ago I decided to take a shot at a rabbit from the front seat of a VW Beatle with a Ruger Blackhawk in 30 cal carbine. To this day I attribute the major loss of my hearing to that one shot. Another one - I was loosing a hen nearly every night, so I waited up to find out what was stealing my hens. Sure nuff, around midnight the hens started raising cane in the henhouse, so I grabbed by 45 Colt and went to investigate. I shinned the light in the roost area, and a large coon was getting ready to pick out his next meal. I shot from less than ten feet, and missed - the bullet went through the wall of the hen house and into the rear tire of my new tractor. That was $250 coon.
    Oh my God that was funny! It's 9:20 PM and I'm sitting here alone and just literally laughed out loud. Thanks for that moment.


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    Also a bb gun story

    Mine happened about 20 or so years ago. I had this kick-a$$ CO2 bb gun and I was out just messin' around with it out in the sticks when I decided to shoot at something that was on the trunk of a big 'ol walnut tree about 40 feet away from me or so. I'm still not sure if I hit what I was aiming at, but that bb came straight back at me and dinged me in one of my two beans (no permanent damage as I was wearing long underwear and heavy jeans, but hoo boy did my eyes get as big as saucers). You can believe I sure looked around to see if anyone had seen what I had just done to myself. No one did, but I suppose a few people know about it now.


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    I did something stupid with a BB gun when I was a kid too.

    I think I was 8 or 9 years old at the time. I had a Daisy Powerline 990 BB/Pellet rifle.
    I had done all kinds of yard work and saved up my money to buy it.
    It was extra sweet because it had the ability to be used pump action or with a CO2 cartridge. I didn't use CO2 very often because it was expensive, but I sure shot that thing a lot. The CO2 chamber came down below the receiver and made it look (to a child's eyes) like a magazine from a rifle.

    I used to shoot pop cans off the back deck all the time. Then one day I noticed there were some weeds that needed to be destroyed by shooting.
    Getting up real close is the best way to make sure you don't miss, so I stuck the muzzle right up against this weed (I believe it was a stinging nettle) which had about a 1/4 inch diameter stem.
    One shot didn't quite cut through, and the thing just toppled over. All the subsequent shots (10+ pumps of course) just shredded what was dangling but didn't sever it.
    So naturally I just grabbed the part that was hanging down, and held it up. Then I carefully positioned the muzzle of my gun in just the right spot....and shot myself in the finger. Boy was I surprised!!
    I don't think I'd felt anything so painful in my life. I shot the pad of my middle finger, and the BB was lodged next to the bone and up against the back of the fingernail. I remember getting the numbing shots and feeling the scalpel dig around. Felt just like scraping a rock. I had a nice bangage on for a couple weeks and now just a little scar as a reminder....

    But that was the last time I stuck anything I didn't want to get shot in front of the muzzle.


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    Okay, I'll fess up..

    Unfortunately, this happened rather recently, too.

    A month ago or so I pulled a tendon in my shooting hand and was forced to resort to nothing more potent than the Browning .22 for target practice.

    It was a busy Sunday afternoon at the range I work at and my husband and I decided to share a lane since it was so busy and I wasn't going to be doing a ton of shooting anyway.

    Well, I'm there, plinking away with the .22 and all of a sudden the trigger stops working.

    There is a round in the chamber, everything is ready to go but the trigger is just making this funny "clicking" noise and just hanging there. No matter how many times I pull the trigger, the gun is not firing.

    I pull it again and again and finally it fires.

    I figured it was a one time thing so I just kept shooting.

    Then, it does it again, and again, and each time it does it the "bad" period lasts longer than the "good" period.

    I put the gun down and yell back to John, "There's something wrong with the trigger."

    He tries the gun and, of COURSE, the gun works just fine for him.

    He says, "There's nothing wrong with the gun. It must be you."

    This infuriates me as I've been shooting for quite some time and I know what I'm doing.

    I go back to shooting, the Browning works well for a few beats, but sure enough the trigger resorts to its useless clicking.

    I alert John. He tries the gun. Again, it works for him.

    He says, "Are you sure you're pulling the trigger back far enough?"

    By this time I'm fuming. Not only is the gun acting up but my own husband won't believe my report that there is something wrong with the trigger.

    I shoot it again and after a few rounds the trigger starts acting up again.

    I turn and scream, "It's doing it again, SEE!"

    Yes, the gun was still pointed in a safe direction, but that was about the only rule of gun safety I was heeding. I was turned, facing my husband and pulling the trigger to show him that nothing was happening.

    As fate would have it the trigger decided to work again and I sent a round down range while staring at my husband, waiting for him to acknowledge that I wasn't crazy.

    We both heard the gun fire and the looks on both of our faces were priceless, to say the least. He looked shocked and slightly angry that I would make such a foolish mistake, and I look both shocked and ashamed that I had just shot of a round without paying attention.

    He took the gun from me and FINALLY it acted up in his hands.

    He turned around and said, "Okay, I believe you."

    I think I've learned my lesson and so has he. I'll never again try to demonstrate a malfunctioning gun while it's loaded and John will never doubt me when I say something's wrong.

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    Me and My Malfunction Kel-Tec

    Well, my first dumb mistake was to buy the P-11 in the first place--I've got a little plastic baggie full of broken parts, my most recent being a broken ejector (again!) from chambering a plastic snap-cap at home for dry-fire practice. Gotta call Kel-Tec tomorrow...

    But the story I'd like to share is this: I was at the range, and the slide wasn't locking back on an empty magazine, so I unload it and go to disassemble it to figure out what's broken now (broken slide-stop this time). With the Kel-Tecs you lock the slide back, then take out the pin, and then ease the slide forward off the frame because the slide is compressing a spring.

    Well, I forgot the easing part and simply let go...and the slide, barrel, recoil rod, and everything else that goes in the slide flew forward of the firing line and into my neighbor's lane.

    Yup, I felt pretty stupid and sheepish as I grabbed a broom to fish it all out =)
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    Oh boy... BB guns. I have got story after story of all the dumb stuff me and my buddies did with BB guns. We would have BB gun wars almost everyday in the summer. BB guns, bottle rockets, it was all good to go.

    Well, one day I used all my wisdom of 12 yrs on the planet and decided the bottle rockets didnt travel far or fast enough, so it would be a great idea to give the rocket a boost of compressed air from the bb gun.

    So, me and my buddy (he was less wise than I) take a bottle rocket... not the wimpy little ones, this was the larger kind... the stick needed wittled down to fit in the .177 bore, and jammed it in the barrel.

    Pump up the trusty Crosman, light the fuse and whack, pulled the trigger and the rocket was off. Well, it was off the stick anyway. The air pressure ripped the rocket hull of the guide stick and landed in the tallish weeds at our feet, only we assumed it was in mid flight somewhere. I guess we were to busy talking about how smart we were to notice the rocket sizzling and smoldering at our feet.

    Right in the middle of our celebration of our new invention, BOOM! Red and blue flames are at our feet. It scared the crap out of us. I swear to this day that my friend wet himself, but he wont admit it. I would have, but I was empty.
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    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Right in the middle of our celebration of our new invention, BOOM! Red and blue flames are at our feet.
    That's hilarious!
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    I was at Al Jaber Air Base in Kuwait in 2003 and was "volunteered" to augment base security forces by my commander. We got our M-16s locked and loaded and went to the assigned entry control point along with some Marines who were also helping with security duty. I inadvertently swept my muzzle past the head of the Marine in front of me. I'll never forget the look on his face and the DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN, YOU HEAR?

    He probably was thinking "damn Air Force puke"
    "Naked and Starving as They are We Cannot Enough Admire the Incomparable Patience and Fidelity of the Soldiery" – George Washington, Valley Forge, 1777.

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    Scrovy, you have a divine angel working overtime! I have purposefully avoided this thread because it brings up a couple really dangerous and foolish firearm buffoonery moves. When I was fifteen I went to visit my grandparents out of state. I befriended a neighborhood kid. One afternoon we got into his dad's gun cabinet. I was a pretty good shot with a rifle at that point. I was in a high school shooting club (yes, we had them then). The window was open and I had his dad's .306 deer rifle. I noticed a telephone repairman about fifty yards away on a pole. For some reason I took aim at him. Screaming in one ear was my dad saying never, ever point a gun at someone unless you intended to shoot him. I mentally adjusted the site for distance. Raised the rifle just a tad and began to squeeze the trigger. Finally, sanity returned and I stopped. I pulled my finger off the trigger just as the kid said, "Be careful, it's loaded." I could feel the color go out of my face. I never told him what I was aiming at. That was 45 years ago and it was like yesterday. We never had loaded guns in the house so it never crossed my mind there was a shell in the chamber. Never, ever again.!

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