Ironically, I borrowed the movie "The Color Purple," in which Whoopi Goldberg plays an "ugly woman" who is married off to an abusive Danny Glover and is constantly beaten. I just finished watching that movie last night.

Tonight, I'm currently watching the local news and just saw a story about a woman who was murdered tonight by her boyfriend. Strange coincidence: she and he look very much like the characters "Celie" and "Mister" from The Color Purple.

Anyway, what they're reporting is that the guy came around to where she lived, in a threatening manner, and she fled to inside the house. She used a cellular phone to call 911, and he followed her inside. The police report that over the phone, they heard him ask who was on the phone, and whether it was the police. She did not answer, and her silence was followed by the sound her being SHOT THREE TIMES IN THE HEAD.

One has to wonder, what if she had gone inside to get herself a defensive handgun, rather than a telephone?!

What can the 911-ophiles say in defense of, "Just call the police and let them handle it," in light of the obvious failure of the police to be able to save this woman's life?

It's not the police's fault, of course; it's the fault of people doublethinking their way to believing that somehow police can arrive from miles and minutes away to save you from a person who is in standing right there with you.