CCW Dreams?

CCW Dreams?

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Thread: CCW Dreams?

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    CCW Dreams?

    Well I've discovered a new "phobia" to be exploited by my rather active and vivid nighttime "dream life".

    Now, added to the ones about sitting in a class that I realize I've been skipping all semester, having to go on stage for a play in a few minutes for a role that I know none of the lines for, and the oldie but a goodie classic inappropriate public nudity...

    My newest recurring (with variations) dream....

    I get through some checkpoint or am about to be searched for some kind of checkpoint or entrance to a building and I realize that I'm carrying my firearm in a place where I know that it's illegal. Not only that, I'm not only carrying it but for whatever reason I'm not even carrying concealed. Last night I dreamed I was at a college library, for some reason I thought it was Virginia Tech though I've never been there, and somehow while going in to check out a book I got past what appeared to be metal detectors but I was approaching a desk where security was checking people out.

    I look down and I'm wearing my gun crossdraw in an OTW holster with no cover garment at all over it. For some reason I tried to see if they would "check" the firearm for me at the entrance. They just smiled and pushed a red plunger and an alarm started going off. That's about when it ended.

    So, do any of the rest of you have CWP related dreams that reflect your concerns about being "made" or suddenly realizing that you are carrying in a highly illegal place?
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    Yeah , sounds like just a variation of your nude dreams. I use to dream quite often that I was sitting in class at school and looked down and realized I was in my underwear.
    No dreams about ccw yet that I can remember. Dream on.

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    Never had the nude dreams. In my dreams I can never get my gun to work.

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    Sounds exactly like the nude dream. It would seem that carrying concealed to you has become as natural as wearing pants in public. Therefore, when you carry openly in that manner it is the equivalent of forgetting something as basic as clothes.
    Also, I would find out which library that was and avoid it just in case.
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    I have had dreams where I was able to bring my Taurus here to Japan, but was faced with the dilemma of trying to get back to the States without getting jailed for the "crime" of having a pistol/not being a sheeple...
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    Me too

    I had a dream last night that I was working somewhere and wanting to leave, however there were gates and tall fences with barbed wire installed and we were all locked in. Employees were wanting in too! There had been a terror alert and our facility was on Lockdown, We couldnt get in the buildings either. So we were just sitting ducks out in the gauntlet. I was wearing a suit jacket/shirt without pockets and in my boxers!! that was the reason I needed to go home and get pants!!!! Of course I was vehicle carrying and feared the same thing as the original poster of this thread mentioned. Is this the fear of communisim or something lol
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    anyone have a dream that they are naken except for their gun (and belt) and walkin around like that?

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    I have had multiple CCW dreams. But every time I draw and fire I miss with all 13 rounds.

    The last one I had was point blank range and I missed with them all. Maybe its the fact that my mind can not conjure up what the death would be like?

    I do know for about 2 weeks every night once I started my Muay Thai training I had fighting/angry dreams. They finally went away after I sat down with a group of people one night and told them all that I could remember. Those 2 weeks were the first time I ever woke up angry. Had no idea it was possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by friesepferd View Post
    anyone have a dream that they are naken except for their gun (and belt) and walkin around like that?
    No. But I do have pictures from basic training where guys weren't wearing much more....
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    Last night I dreamed that I opened the cylinder on my Rossi and it just had 2 rounds in it, the rest of the chambers were empty.
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    That does sound like the nude dream with a little variation.

    I have not had a CCW dream but I have had my own variation of the nude dream. Except in mine I am never upset to be naked. Don't know why. Weird.
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