Asthmatics, which cities (areas) do you find to be the best.

This is a discussion on Asthmatics, which cities (areas) do you find to be the best. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My wife is asthmatic, and our son has had some minor issues, mostly with sinus/allergy problems that take longer than normal to clear up. With ...

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Thread: Asthmatics, which cities (areas) do you find to be the best.

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    Asthmatics, which cities (areas) do you find to be the best.

    My wife is asthmatic, and our son has had some minor issues, mostly with sinus/allergy problems that take longer than normal to clear up. With my wife being let go from her job, and we are now on the less than desirable medical through my job (small company) if we were going to take a serious look at moving, now would be as good a time as any. We already live out in the country, lots of woods, and clean air (compared to the city anyway). Web searches seem to turn up studies focusing on the bad places, not much info about where to go that is good.

    Please let us know which cities, or regions of the country seem to be at least “less harmful” if not beneficial to your respiratory conditions.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Unfortunately, it hard to say as those with asthma each have their own allergens that bother them. My boy does get bothered by some hardwood trees, but nothing will put him in the hospital faster than cigarette smoke. You'll have to figure out which specific allergens bother your family, then try to avoid those. Good Luck.
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    I'm not sure its true but I always thought the desert states are best for these conditions.

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    My son claims his asthma greatly improved when he moved from Texas to Philadelphia, PA. There's not much green stuff in in the midst of that urban jungle.

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    Actually the area is not really as important as appropriate treatment and consistency, learning of the triggers, finding an agressive physician who will allow you to use your brain based upon objective standards, and finally, your child's determination to be "normal".

    I am coming at this with a lifetime of asthma, which when I was out of high school the state classified me as handicapped, SSI and the whole deal. I hated the label, said to h$ll with the label and went on to spend 18 years as a Paramedic in high-volume-high accuity cities, followed that up with being a Respiratory Therapist with a board certification as a Neonatal and Pediatric Specialist....along with being a certified Asthma Educator.

    Please go to my website for my agency number and I will be happy to speak with you free of charge to explain the first paragraph and what you should be looking for......oh, and I have not been in the hospital in over a decade for any asthma related problems....and I still flunk a pulmonary function test.

    Take care

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    The Colorado Front Range is a no-go for you. The air here just keeps getting thicker. The only folks who think it's getting cleaner still remember the 50's & 60's. Higher is usually better (stay out of the valleys), but the air gets sparse quickly. Plus, it's quite an adjustment from Texas and Philly.
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    Stay out of south east Texas.Bad air and chemical plants.

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    I know that the "bad" spots were not your question, and I dearly love my native Tennessee, but Middle Tennessee is not the place to be if one has respiratory problems. The Nashville Basin is a big geographic bowl perfect for heat inversions and other nasty breathing situations.

    I breathed a lot better in Staunton when I lived there.

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    This site looks to have some good information:

    As far a stay away from areas, As much as I love western montana, the missoula valley has a tendency to trap bad air, known by the indians as "Valley of Smoke".

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