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I (of course) know that gun laws vary from state to state but I'm wondering if that would be considered to be a good shoot.
A non agressive person who is doing nothing more than running away with a known empty (but stolen) handgun.
In other words the thief is unarmed and not threatening at all and does nothing more than to do a quick "grab & run" of a handgun.

I don't think I would take the "back shot" at that running rabbit.

I'd probably get a plate # and let the LEOs handle it. Would the danger of putting a stolen handgun out onto the street be a justification for murder?
Not in Pennsylvania I dn't think.
I know that in NC, you would be justified in the case of a felony in progress, and theft of a firearm is a felony.

A little on the sketchy side for me personally, but others may not feel the same.