Teens thrash fake officer

Teens thrash fake officer

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    Talking Teens thrash fake officer

    Teens thrash fake officer
    A fake police officer tried to scam and rob a group of teens -- but they turned the tables on him, and the phony officer is now under arrest.
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    Document | Police report
    The bald, burly bicycle-riding man in sandals told four teenage pals that he was an undercover police officer. He confiscated their cellphones, wallets and an iPod.

    They wanted to see a police badge. He refused.

    So they kicked his butt.

    Then they called the real police, who charged Robert Brown, 38, with impersonating an officer and strong-arm robbery.

    ''It was the most pathetic beating I've ever seen in my life, on his part anyway,'' said one teen, Christopher Ferrer, 18.

    The beat-down happened early Tuesday in Miami Lakes. It was the first time Ferrer, Larry Arceo, 19, Joseph Amalbert, 18, Kinwo ''Chino'' Mui, 18, had hung out since classes ended at Barbara Goleman Senior High School in May.

    They had bowled at Bird Bowl in Westchester. Afterward, they were hanging out in Mui's Ford Escort station wagon at a small park at Miami Lakeway South and Twin Sable Drive.

    That's when Brown pedaled by, warning them that police were nearby, the teens said. He left but returned moments later.

    ''I'm undercover Miami-Dade; there's been a rash of burglaries around here,'' Brown said, according to the teens.

    ''He seemed pretty authoritative,'' Amalbert said.

    The teens handed over their cellphones, wallets and Arceo's black iPod.

    Brown placed the items on the car roof, asking if they had marijuana, according to a Miami-Dade police report. They didn't, the teens say.

    Brown refused to show his badge, slurred oddly and said his name was ``Officer Alfonso.''

    ''Sit tight and wait for K9,'' he told them.

    In the side mirror, Mui noticed Brown slip the belongings into his left pocket. Ferrer jumped from the car, asking again to see a badge.

    Brown 'refused to give them back their property and stated, `Get lost,' '' a Miami-Dade police report read. ``At which point, [Brown] started a fight with the victims. The victims fought back to retrieve the property.''

    The fake officer tried pedaling away, but Amalbert kicked his tire.

    Arceo locked him in a chokehold. Punches flew. Ferrer kneed him in the nose. Brown's sandals flew off. Mui whacked him in the head with his skateboard. Amalbert stopped a passing motorist to call police.

    Brown pleaded with the boys not to call police, they said.

    We're calling for your backup, they sneered.

    Brown was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital's jail ward.

    The teens -- who don't face charges because they were acting in self-defense -- gave their statements to police.

    Their reunion proved memorable.

    ''Awesome,'' Mui said. ``One of the best nights ever.''
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    Can't say much more than that!

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    Good for them!
    I had a clown try that on me in NYC.
    Pulled up along side me with grill lights flashing, siren and a youg blonde sitting next to him.
    He says I'm driving eratic and better watch myself.
    I tell him "OK officer. And what precinct are you with?"
    No answer.
    "Can I see your badge please?"
    With this he pulls away.
    I approached his car at the next light and tore him a new body orifice for being such a loser, amongst other things!
    I've never seen anyone turn such a deep red!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    ''Awesome,'' Mui said. ``One of the best nights ever.''

    sounds like "Officer Alfonso" got what was coming to him.

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    We're calling for your backup, they sneered.

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    Why would ANYONE who isn't a cop pretend to be one? What is the payoff? At best, it is a quick beating. At worst, it can mean substantial jail time. For what? Appearing to be in authority for five minutes?

    This guy is a real tool and deserves the harshest penalty.
    A man in the hands of his enemies is flesh, and shudderingly vulnerable. - author unknown

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    The article makes it sound like they are kids, at 18+ they are adults...

    Why can't they call them young men?

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    What can I say?

    "we're calling for your backup"????
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    We're calling for your backup, they sneered.

    Thats classic! Great story.
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    We had a guy in NJ right after 9-11 wearing a USSS raid jacket to score free coffee from convenience stores.... Some of my troops were on a coffee run and struck up a conversation with him - within seconds they had strong suspicions that he was full of doo-doo. They called me as the OIC, I called the local PD, and he got to spend a few nights in jail (and possibly more, I was sent to another mission soon after) for his "free" cup of joe...
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    - Janq
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    We had a guy, (I think it was a guy), recently robbed when the crook identified himself as undercover police. He happened to be driving a Crown Vic which may have enhanced the illusion. He asked to see the victim's wallet. When he gave it up the crook jumped into the car and said he needed narcotics to check it out, then drove off. If I don't see a uniform you can take a hike as far as I am concerned.

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