How accurate is your wrist watch?

How accurate is your wrist watch?

This is a discussion on How accurate is your wrist watch? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just checked mine - CST I'm 6 seconds fast. This link has options to change time zones if your interested....

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    How accurate is your wrist watch?

    Just checked mine - CST

    I'm 6 seconds fast.

    This link has options to change time zones if your interested.
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    Within a fraction of a minute a month. Have had it since 2000 but have adjusted it only a couple times. My daily watch is a Raymond Weil, Tango model. It's pretty close to that time, now. Had a basic Casio digital for running, years ago. Lasted a decade and was off only occasionally. That thing would survive anything. Misplaced it, at some point. Best $16.95 watch ever made.
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    Mines pretty close - its set to the only clock that matters... the work clock!
    And this lil Tag keeps perfect time with it =)
    was hard to get used to the weight but now I freak out every 2sec if I don't have it on


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    Mine is lightweight and very accurate but, I hardly wear it since I take my phone with me everywhere and the time is right there on the phone.
    So my watch is now redundant and I always hated long sleeves - wearing watches and even finger rings. I don't even wear my wedding ring. It already got smashed once on my finger and that was enough.
    Sorry wedding ring but, you will always and eternally be a heavy BALL & CHAIN lovingly shackled around my heart.
    Cell phones automatically and constantly correct their time so the "cell time" is always right on.

    So in short...anybody wanna buy a watch?
    No's not for sale.

    I also have a solid gold Hamilton pocket watch that I was given for exemplary service at a job that makes want to wretch every time I think back on it - or look at it - and I never carry that because it reminds me of how much TIME (a decade) of my life I wasted there.
    I always carry too much other "STUFF" in my pockets anyway.

    I hardly ever wear my wristwatch anymore.
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    mine usually has the month right, sometimes even the date LOL .
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    Mine loses a couple of seconds per month. One of these days I'll have to get a good one.
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    My good ol' Timex ''Expedition'' keeps on truckin and gains or loses so little I am not really aware of any inconvenience.

    I don't need no ''accurate to the microsecond'' atom clock
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    Mine's right twice a day....

    Seriously, I also have a Timex Expedition--two actually--one on my wrist and one on my rucksack (as a backup). Actually used the backup when deployed--battery died two months into the deployment. Best $20 I spent.

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    My battery just died this morning

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    I'm one of the techno-nerds with my atomic wristwatch. Based on that site, it's under a second fast, but that's probably just because it's been 15hrs since it last synced.

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    I wore a watch every day and at all times (except bed & shower) since I learned how to tell time over thirty years ago.

    Last month, I accidentally walked out of the apartment wihtout it and I haven't put it on since. I literally felt like I was watching my life "tick" away ("time to get up", "time to make the donuts", "time for lunch", etc.......). FREEDOM!

    My friends STILL can't believe it.
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    Correct Time? Saturday?

    Heck, I thought it was Friday!
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Correct Time? Saturday?

    Heck, I thought it was Friday!
    Keep laughing, Ken.

    School's almost back in.
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    I'm 7 seconds slow, not to bad for a $12 watch.
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    Mine is 3 seconds fast. Not bad

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