Went to an auction today.

Went to an auction today.

This is a discussion on Went to an auction today. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Actually it was a "preview" of the things to be sold at an auction next week. My father hits these things all the time and ...

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Thread: Went to an auction today.

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    Went to an auction today.

    Actually it was a "preview" of the things to be sold at an auction next week. My father hits these things all the time and ran across this one that has 20 or so guns. Of course he thought of me.

    So we get there to day in what feels like 110 degree boiling water. The weather here is hot and humid. The old barn is dusty and filled with folks milling around checking out all of the stuff that will be put on the block.

    I spot a ton of lead ingots, bullets, fishing weights and some other lead items that I did not recognize. I also spotted crates loaded with books. It seemed that all of the books were gun related. Books on gun smithing, reloading, casting and a ton of outdoors man stuff. I am hoping I can get these cheap.

    I was disappointed though. The guns were not available to be checked out. They will be made available the Friday before the auction. I was really miffed. This is the whole reason I was there today.

    Anyway, I was making my way to the door to leave and spotted 2 small boxes in the corner. I pulled them out from under some stuff and found that the top of one read Wolf 7.62X39. The other read 9mm Luger. I had just found a case of 7.63X39 and and 500 rnds of 9mm luger. Both still in the original packaging. NICE! I pushed the boxes back and made note of the address and auction time again.

    Hopefully there will be some nice firearms too. I'll post any new "friends"that might follow me home.

    It's gonna be hotter next week. Maybe that will thin the crowd out a bit.
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    As a buyer, I always like auctions that are held on a weekday, I think that weekend auctions tend to attract more people (buyers), but you never know. Also the buyers tend to be a little low at the very start, then peak in numbers late morning and noon, then taper off to the hard-core's remaining toward the end. At least those are my observations around here. Good luck, you will find some good deals, I think. Boxes of books generally go pretty cheap at auctions, like in the $5-20 range?
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    Good luck with it - and hope you manage to snag some goodies.

    But - hardly need say, what out for ''auction fever'' LOL! Even the ammo would be good to get - so let's hope other folks there are not too aware of how ammo prices have gone up.

    Certainly would have thought being a viewing day, there would have been some showing of the guns.
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