Zombies and Hippies

Zombies and Hippies

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Thread: Zombies and Hippies

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    Zombies and Hippies

    This came to me tonight. Please consider my theory in your zombie survival plans.

    Zombies are a big concern of mine. I consider the animation of the recently deceased to be inevitable and the public at large is ill equipped to deal with it (although there is improvement in this area).

    Popular zombie theories include the creatures consuming some portion of their human victims. Romero's zombies as well as Brooks's ingested any available part of the human body as well as other animal life. Return of the Living Dead zeds specifically sough human brains. Resident Evil explained the phenomenon as a reduction to basic instinct. 28 days/weeks later employed very non-traditional zombies who did not eat at all.

    There is a good chance that when there is no more room in Hell, Zack will be biting.

    Now, then we have hippies. This subculture has a tendency to gather in large groups and individually or collectively self medicate. A narcotic of great popularity is Cannabis. The calming effects of Marijuana combined with the typical philosophy of the hippy make him a very non-combative subject.

    Take the conditions of a hippy gathering (this could range from a dozen to several hundred) and introduce the mobile deceased. Zack eats a hippy and with it a significant quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol. A well document side effect of THC is increased hunger; our zombie will soon be looking for his favorite snack item. Meanwhile, former hippy now shambler with his own chemical imbalance will treat his own case of the munchies. The passive nature of the hippy gathering will restrict their willingness to enact proper quarantine.

    The combination of these factors serves to severely aggravate the already high rate of zombie infection.

    So remember the 5 H's of a zombocolypse: stay away from hospitals, highways, handcuffs (police), HMMWVs (military), and hippies.
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    ...Why didn't I think of this???

    "I surrounded 'em"- Alvin York

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    There's a difference between zombies and hippies?
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    They are left in full possession of them."

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    Heh. Watch out for the hippie stereotyping. This old hippie might surprise you. I still attend music festivals but don't self-medicate, and I always carry the equipment and have the will to terminate zombies anywhere, any time. And if my Glock and Kahr won't do the job, the 1911, shottie and M1 are never far away.


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    This reminds me that I need to watch Night of The Living Dead again.
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    I was planning on trying to blend in wiht the hippies during a zombie attack.

    Now I know better.
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    Im a little more worried about the chinese taking over the world
    And there alive NOT dead.
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