and yet another horrible tragedy...

and yet another horrible tragedy...

This is a discussion on and yet another horrible tragedy... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This one just goes to show that at least one of the 4 BIG RULES doesn't just apply to firearms...ALWAYS be sure of your target ...

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Thread: and yet another horrible tragedy...

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    and yet another horrible tragedy...

    This one just goes to show that at least one of the 4 BIG RULES doesn't just apply to firearms...ALWAYS be sure of your target and what is beyond it!

    Tough least he owned up to it right away and tried to render aid when he realized what he had done.

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    What an awful thing to have to live with - and yet obviously 100% unintentional.

    It goes to show just how weed to think twice before many actions - maybe even three times.

    Heard on news yesterday of some punk having thrown a bowling ball off some high place which hit a truck driver,thru windshield and knocked him unconscious. Truck left road and plowed thru fields but the guy survived seemingly.

    Now that was way different - that was IMO attempted murder ... whereas the rock thrower was just very unlucky with his timing and judgement. How sad for all.
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    What a terrible thing to live with...the guy stepped up to the plate and made no excuses, not something everyone does these days. I'm glad no charges were applied to this true 'accident'.
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    Terrible situation especially for someone who has served his country.

    I wonder if the Brady Bunch will try to get rock banned?
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    that truly sucks! I am sad for all involved in this trajic incident. who hasn't thrown a few rocks over the cliff edge? hopefully i will remember this story the next time the irresistable urge arrises.
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    Unbelievable bad luck. I agree he is a vanishing breed. Most people would not have stepped up to the plate the way he did. I can see the widow being upset, but hope she can forgive him and his actions.

    The odds of this happening had to be 100 million to 1 or more. It was a tragic accident and thankfully the sheriff has a good head on his shoulders.
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    These days, I'm surprised he didn't get his azz sued off...

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    That's probably in the works.
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    Tough to deal with , even being an accident.
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