Opinions on the movie: LORD OF WAR

Opinions on the movie: LORD OF WAR

This is a discussion on Opinions on the movie: LORD OF WAR within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; How does everyone feel about the context of the movie being based on a true story and more so the ending..comments?...

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Thread: Opinions on the movie: LORD OF WAR

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    Question Opinions on the movie: LORD OF WAR

    How does everyone feel about the context of the movie being based on a true story and more so the ending..comments?

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    Personally, I feel that "Based on a true story" means, we talked to a guy who sold guns for 10 minutes, and don't care what he said, we're making a movie, everyone knows that movies aren't real

    I hate seeing "Based on a true story" unless it's on the history channel, anything else is BS.

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    To tell the truth, I enjoyed the film. Yes, it was both anti-gun and anti-American, but the Life of a bullet opening, and the AK47 review where two very good scene's. And the scene where they land the plane on some dirt road in east Africa... that was good too.

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    I enjoyed it very much. It has been a while since I watched it, but I remember it as sort of the american dream. Poor kid from the hood makes good. And like Scar Face he breaks a few laws to do it. As far as some of what I guess was supposed to be political commentary at the end, my reaction was basically "yeah, so what?" I am surprised at how naive and willfuly ignorant a lot of people are in this country.

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    I have found TV and movies much more enjoyable when I accept them for what they are... entertainment.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    I agree w/my fellow sig owner, mcp 1810, and sixto; granted most are ignorant and yes, its just entertainment !

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    I did not think much of the move to begin with.
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    It's entertainment, so I take it ALL with a grain of salt.

    Loved the 'life of a bullet' opening!

    Didn't think the ending was good, but overall I thought a decent movie.
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    i personally enjoyed the film. i realize that they made an attempt to be anti-gun and anti-american, but i don't think they really succeeded at that. especially since the main character was a US immigrant, not a citizen and the movie had nothing to do with guns in America. i think you'll get most people to agree that underground international arms dealing is a bad business.

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