I am a Gun

I am a Gun

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Thread: I am a Gun

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    I am a Gun

    This is the other file I dug out - written, like one I just posted, by me a while ago. This too I feel like re-writing a bit but - local paper printed it then so - maybe it still stands up. It conveys some of my feelings regarding the ''guns are evil'' crap we hear daily.


    I am a gun.

    I am made of metals mostly and my PRIME purpose is as a weapon, to kill.

    It is this and this alone that sets me apart from the automobile, the kitchen knife and other such implements of homicide.

    How do I do this?? I have to be in the hands of someone intent on fullfilling this PRIME purpose.

    Left to myself, I am an inert piece of finely engineered machinery. I bare no one any ill will.

    I require only modest maintainance and wish to kept secure at all times, so that inquiring little minds do not pick me up carelessly and cause harm to themselves or others.

    I have two states. I can be unloaded and as such, harmless to all, unless used as a ''blunt instrument''.

    Place inside my workings however some cartridges, and I am primed. But still no immediate threat.

    It takes purpose and motivation to now move me from this state , to fulfilling my PRIME design purpose.

    I do though have a second and almost as important purpose, which is to be a tool of the sportsman.

    In this mode I am expected to yield accuracy, consistency and thereby deliver pleasure through an aquired skill.

    This is a benign purpose, and one I am happy to carry out.

    I am however equally at ease when used for my PRIME purpose, when the hands operating me are well intended.

    I may be made to kill, of course, but my conscience is clear when my target is evil, or meat for the table.

    When my target is however someone good, I am regretably unable to influence my actions, because it is not I that is to blame, it is my master.

    The people who made me, although knowing this PRIME purpose, are also not to blame for my deeds. Any more than an auto manufacturer is responsible for the deaths his vehicles may inflict.

    I am therefore a contraversial object. Hated by so many but, loved and respected my many also.

    I am the very essence of man's freedom ... and relish most my role in achieving this, and fair play.

    When I cease to be in the hands of the law abiding common man however, then I know all too well that my purpose can be only evil ..... and I can be turned on those for whom I had the greatest respect. Those who deserve my companionship.

    I shall never be destroyed. Someone somewhere will always find me. But alas, when my numbers have dwindled too much, that ''someone'' will only be intent on ill.

    My history is long and my record perhaps not very clean. But you just have to remember this one thing ............

    It is not I that is responsible for my deeds.

    That you must lay at the feet of those with malicious intent. And it is they who will always find me when others have long lost my friendship.

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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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    Excellent post!

    thx for sharing
    Anything the government gives you, was taken from someone else.

    Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

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    There's a whole bunch of "anti's"that should read that!

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