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    Camera Help

    The boss wants me to buy a camera to keep in my truck to be used as needed. I work for an electcrical engineering company and most pictures will be taken on work sites. I don't need super duper mega mega pixels. I'm thinking along the lines of a Canon Power Shot A520 and around 250 bucks or less.

    Please chime in and steer me in the right direction.

    I will take pics of my handguns - so this post is now legit.
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    To be honest Charlie - the choices are huge but - for your probable budget you'll be able to get a reasonable deal IMO.

    Canon, Nikon (Sureshot) ...... I think too Sony, Casio . lot's of em and hard to recommend just one.

    If at all possible, choose one with at least some manual over-rides as against pure point and shoot. Might help you for gun pics - ability to set white balance is handy and so is manual focus sometimes.

    Also consider the memory card type . some IMO are too obscure. I'd say choose one with compact flash, or SD - both will go nicely into USB card readers for easy upload to puter. Forget the gimick software some come with - buy according to camera features.

    I forget site now but - search on ''best buy digital camera'' ... that sorta thing and go from there. is one good place to go seeking best prices too.
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    A camera by any camera company (canon, nikon, kodak) will be fine for you. Just stay away from non-camera companies like HP.

    I don't know what type of electrical engineer you are but it sounds like power distribution and stuff. (I'm a mech. engineer for an A/E firm)

    If you're taking pictures inside buildings go for the Kodak V570. It's their dual lens model. One lens is "ultra wide angle". I use it for work and it's the best P&S for shots inside.

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    I had a Canon Powershot S3 IS for a while... should be somewhere around $250. It was very easy to use and took very decent pictures. It might be a little big if you wanted a pocket camera.

    Whatever you decide on, don't buy from a 'crooklyn' online scam store. You'll recognize them by their unbelievably low prices and bad scores at 'reseller ratings dot com'.

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    Good point about online retailers.

    I've ordered from (8+ cameras between myself and parents) with no problems ever. and are both reputable stores with good prices. I'm an adorama customer but B&H is just as good.

    If it's more than $5 or $10 less than those places beware.

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    I've been using a Sony CyberShot.
    It's nice and small so I take it with me a lot.
    The pictures are quite good because it has a great lens.
    It's easy to use and the program AUTO is good so nothing much to fool with to get great general pics.
    It's very good for crispy close-ups also.

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    Cannon Camera

    I have a Cannon an it cost me $230 plus twenty bucks for a larger
    memory card.This camera does everything I need it to do.I work
    at a college and I am constantly taking pictures of damage the
    partying kids do while they are drunk or in the the process of trying
    to get there.This stops a bitching parent in their tracks after you
    always here there kid wouldn't do this!Nothing like a picture it
    priceless.Oh yeah, going back to camera it's best but in my family
    we have three of them.I would suggest you buy rechargeable batteries as cameras are hard on them.

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    I went to Ebay for a older Canon G2 that included all accessories for $100 shipped. Instead of bidding, I just emailed the person and he/she agreed. I swear its brand new.
    I keep it at my work and folks are stunned at how well the pics come out and how big they can be blowed up in size and still keep its sharpness.
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    Check They refurbished Canons from time to time. Personally, I'd go small, like a Canon Elph. This is something that would store in your pocket very easliy... not too much larger than a cell phone. Here's a link to the Elph for $175.00.

    If not, check out They close Friday night through Saturday night, but you can still browse their site- just no orders till they open. This is where I get 95% of my gear (I'm a photographer).

    And, if you want more info than you could ever use, check out DPReview. They have excellent reviews and sample images for most cameras.

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    I like B&W Photo Video; but Adorama is very good too.....B&W's store in Manhattan is just a huge, awesome candy store!

    (Adorama, like B&W, is closed Friday to Saturday as many NYC camera stores, in observance of the Sabbath.)
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    I've purchased several items from B&H Photo and have always been satisfied with their prices and service. However, the type of camera you are looking for could more easily be picked up at a local store (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.). The one thing I'll toss in that I haven't seen mentioned to this point is zoom. Try to purchase a camera with at least some optical zoom capability. I think 3X is a minimum and usually try to get in the range of 10X - 12X. For quality photography, digital zoom is virtually worthless. Most good digital cameras with a combination of optical / digital zoom will have a menu setting that allows you to disable digital zoom so that you don't accidentally get into the digital zoom range with an important photo.

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    Olympus has been making good cameras for decades. I switched from the film type to a digital model, with 3X optical zoom, and digital zoom from 3 to 10X. The camera also will accept 2X converters and filters (but they are separate items). On-board flash can be turned off, and it has a macro capability.

    Mine is an older 4 mega pixel unit. Newer models probably are available with higher pixel ratings in the same price range, or lower pixel ratings at smaller prices.

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