Waaaaay back when, My outfit was the High Tech test Bed for the US Army. We were the original field testers for the HMMWV (now called Hummer) and the FAV or Fast Attack vehicle now immortalized in any number of movies but my dune buggies really did mount MK 19's, .50 cals and a few mounted TOW's. One enterprising version tried a 30mm chain gun until they saw that the sheer weight flattened the tires. I know exactly what H1 can do.

I also know that H2 is near as capable as H1 and I have taken it off road for many hours on a specially built course. It has one AWESOME capability! H3 should be close, too. I had a 1992 Ford Explorer for 10 years. 4x4 and I used that capability exactly TWICE. But in both instances, the circumstances might have been dire without that low range 4WD.

I switched to a Kia minivan (for our dogs) in 2002 and I'm literally hanging by my nails and PRAYING we don't have an emergency that requires us to move upstate, FAST. I know the backroads and the trails of Florida and I could get a good 4x4 through to the upstate area but it'd have to be H2 or one of THESE (my dream machine): http://www.sportsmobile.com/4_4x4sports.html or a Toyota Land CRUSHER (4x4 on par with H1) or MAYBE a 4x4 Durango if I had the Hemi engine.

But a diesel is better for a great many reasons. Possibly the greatest hauler ever made was the Chevy Suburban 4x4 Turbodiesel. My contacts in the auto industry (I have a buddy who owns a Hummer dealership) says that H2 &H3 and perhaps Tahoe/Suburban and Durango are all slated for the latest version of the turbodiesel. Probably by the 2007 model year.

And I hear that the full on line of Toyota vehicles including Land Crusher and Sequoia will go HYBRID. Don't laugh, the army already has a hybrid H1 that works like a champ and it's stealth quiet.

For around town driving in my neck of the woods the big threat is FLOODING and Hurricanes (the damage that comes with such a storm has to be seen to be believed and it requires 4x4 to get around) but floods come with a good strong rainstorm here. If you don't have the fording capability you're literally dead in the water. Happens all the time. My minivan won't take on the water situations my old Explorer did with no sweat. So I sweat and dream.....and pray.