Weird dream

Weird dream

This is a discussion on Weird dream within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; shooting full autos, then eating a LARGE bowl of popcorn then going to bed might be the best idea. I dreamed that the main ...

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Thread: Weird dream

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    Weird dream shooting full autos, then eating a LARGE bowl of popcorn then going to bed might be the best idea.
    I dreamed that the main guy at one of my best clients (who has a habit of ticking off the local historical society and the codes dept.) had a contract put out on him. I met the hitman at a non existent range and he TOLD me he was a "professional".
    He looked just like Jamie Foxx. Wearing jeans, a turtleneck and a nice jacket. He pulled off his jacket and was wearing OD green body armor, carrying a stainless 1911 with 4 mags on the weak side.

    He showed up at my clients place...and announced right in front of me that he was there for his mark. Took off his jacket, drew his weapon that for some unknown reason was unloaded, pulled a mag, locked and loaded.
    In one fluid movement I pulled my Kimber Warrior (that I don't even carry); it was setup with it's TRL2 and it's 10 round mag( which are for nightstand use) I disengaged the trigger and put 8 rounds right above his vest.Perfect tight group, all touching; No sound at all from all the rounds going off, no blood, goo, nothing.

    The FBI showed up...and told me they had been looking for the guy for several months..local PD never showed.

    WEIRD...It took me an hour or more to fall back to sleep.
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    Hmmm - ''interesting''

    Not IMO a subject worthy of posting in "Bob Ford's Place" originally and so moved it here.

    Bottom line - about anything can occur in dreams - bizarre is normal LOL.
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    I have had some doozies... I may be able to take change well, but my sleep sure doesn't. Since our move I have had some interesting nightmares and what not.

    I'm getting used to them.

    I don't give too much stock to my dreams. It they were symbolic or prophetic or anything I probably should have jumped off a cliff by now.

    I take them as they come, wake up, go "Humm, that was strange," and go about my way.

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