Gunmen at University of Wisconsin

Gunmen at University of Wisconsin

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Thread: Gunmen at University of Wisconsin

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    Gunmen at University of Wisconsin

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    How can this's a gun free zone and someone convicted of armed robbery with a history of mental problems couldn't buy a gun.

    I just don't understand how so many can believe that a VDZ will keep people safe. It just boils my blood!

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    The more the media brodcast such events, the more it will happen.

    Some people have a warped desire for their "15 minutes of fame".

    Just keep telling yourself...."it will never happen here". Maybe it wont?

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    Comment I posted:

    Must have been a hoax. Everybody knows firearms are banned from campus so nobody could possibly have had one. The students are obviously perfectly safe. Everybody just go back to singing "Kumbya".

    Any location or jurisdiction which banns law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms to defend themselves is merely a defenseless-target-zone ripe for exploitation by any criminal who has a mind to do so. Anyone willing to violate the "no murder rule" is not going to be stopped by a "no guns rule".

    ... and my comment to a story on the same site about a gunman on a NY campus:

    Must be another hoax. Everybody knows guns aren't allowed on campus... therefore nobody could possibly have had one. Banning guns makes everybody perfectly safe.

    Any campus which prohibits students and faculty from defending their own lives should be held responsible for those lives... and should change their school song to "Baaa, Baaa, Baaaaa!"
    "I am a Soldier. I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight." GEN George S. Patton, Jr.

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    Well I can see it now I gonna need more money than I thought for my 11 year old girl to get a college education. By the way does anyone know the going rate for a College Professor to come and teach in your home?
    Why walk softly and carry a BIG stick when a BIG GUN is more efficient and you can walk however you want to?

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