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This is a discussion on Militia Info?: MERGED within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; According to Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16; of the US Constituion. To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws ...

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Thread: Militia Info?: MERGED

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    According to Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16; of the US Constituion.

    To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

    To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

    The militias that are operating independently throughout the states are not by definition militias the way I read it.
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    What about all the bad press concerning the Michigan Milita? I know the wonderful (sarcasm) press had a field day with them concerning Timmy McVeigh... Are they that unstable? or was that just an isolated incedent?
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    Texas has the Texas State Guard, which serves to augment the National Guard during disasters. There are plenty of opportunities for those who want to perform a legitimate service to the community. On the other hand, I don't see much use for a group of wannabe paramilitary types that want to further a political agenda, but don't want to be part of the real military.
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    Speaking of that, I found out TN has a state guard too.
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    If you are talking about private militias or "clubs", then no.

    However, many states have reconstituted their state militias in the last several years. Most states rolled their militias into the National Guard when it was formed to take advantage of the training and federal money.

    Then they realized that the National Guard might not always be around after the entire Guard was federalized for WWII.

    Most states don't use "militia" in the name anymore because of the negative connotations. Now most are called State Guards or State Defense Forces.
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    This is something I have pondered too. I definately agree that blue jeans and a nice, button shirt maybe with a patch could do wonders. I also think that they should spend more time in the public eye at disasters, then being video taped fighting imaginary terrorists. Don't get me wrong, I'd like the training and all, but I don't wan't to overthrow the government anytime soon or end up on a watch list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I think if they changed their tactics a little bit, they might be better thought of when they show up on a disaster scene. Perhaps trade the BDU's and combat boots for work boot and blue jeans. Its all about image...
    In my area there are many who belong to rural volunteer fire departments. We are well respected and treated well. Of course, we are wearing the traditional fire fighting equipment rather than BDU's and combat boots.

    Year you are right. Image has a lot to do with it. When I attend my Vietnam veterans reunions, everyone is dressed rather normal. The one fellow who showed one time in his combat fatigues and combat boots was laughed at. The next time he was dressed in a normal fashion.

    I think that it has a lot to do with growing up. As a child I would have loved to dress like these militias. Now that I have it out of my system, I feel a little more grown up.

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    The reasons why I say they did to ditch the fatigues is it turns a lot of people off. If its a small situation, the last thing we want is a bunch of goofs running around playing Army. Thats just going to freak out our residents for now reason.
    We have a very small militia near where I work. They have come out on a few different occasions to "help". We ended up running them off pretty quickly for a number of reasons.

    One of the biggest things they could do is to introduce themselves to the local fire and police chiefs in a non emergency situation. They should make an appointment and just say "Hi there, I'm Joe Militia. We are not freaks but we are good dudes. If you need extra man power or just a water boy, heres our number. We want to help."

    That way, when the SHTF, they are known. Its also never a good idea to try and march up to the command staff, wearing mixed match BDU's with nobody in step. They look like a pack of drunken retarded chimps... of course we are going to question your abilities and we are not going to want you around.
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    Well, darn. Sounds like I'm better off sticking with my paintball buddies if all there is to a milita group is running around in cornfields. I was hoping there was something a little more substantial and serious than just a bunch of guys playing around in camo.

    I looked a little further into that militia site, and it didn't look like anything I would want to be a part of. They did some helpful things for a local shelter, but in the pictures they had of the event, they were all wearing their BDUs. You aren't going to catch me running around in woodland BDUs in public. What is wrong with good ol' jeans and t-shirts?

    I'm thinking I will be better off joining the local IPSC/USPSA club. And if SHTF day comes, I can just link up with friends and family.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Ohio has two state sanctioned and organized "Militias"

    the Ohio Military reserve which performs MP and medical missions in the absence of the National Guard - they use a modified rank structure, officers must meet the same requirements for positions as active duty/reserve/guard folks

    the Ohio Naval Reserve is primarily on Lake Erie

    they both have web sites and they are present - recruiting at some of the gun shows

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    If you are a citizen of this country, you are in the militia. You shouldn' need any neat camo, nifty patch, or rank to signify that. You are by default expected to take up arms against any enemy of this nation (providing physical ability). If one does not, they are not only a coward, but a treasonist ******* that is the demise of this nation and they shall be dealt with in the traditional manner. Anybody wants to take part of my country they will have to kill me and drag my body from the dirt it is laid upon before they can claim it.

    I stand my ground.

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    You could always join a local sheriff's police auxiliary group, a local city police auxiliary or form your own para-rescue group or join a local rescue group. If you go with the police auxiliary idea, some of those groups require you to qualify with different firearms annually. Most will provide you with ammo to practice with and use BUT within limits.
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    you might want to read the above before signing up.

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